Lavanya Coodly

The women’s wear collection of Lavanya Coodly encompasses both comfort and style to bring to the modern woman a sense of personal satisfaction through what she wears. She believes that a strong foundation is necessary in order to create beautiful garments. To ensure the highest quality, she makes sure that all the pieces in her collection are made from pure cotton and silk-cotton blends. The natural and breathable fabrics that are soft and gentle on the skin are reimagined and artfully shaped into beautiful dresses, pants, skirts and tops.

Coodly’s pieces exude a tranquil and chic vibe that take the bohemian out of the urban woman.

All of her designs incorporate precise cuts and impeccable tailoring to make practical and comfortable garments that can be worn by women of all body types. Signature pieces include silk tunics, evening gowns, and even pajama sets with unique prints. Her elegant evening gowns are artistically hand embellished with crystals, sequins, beads, and thread embroidery, which is a technique that has been adopted from ancient civilizations.

Her diverse collection includes pieces that are perfect for everyday wear and for special occasions. Versatility is important to Coodly. As a result, she strives to ensure that her pieces are adaptable to any situation and to any woman. Her pieces can be transitioned from a day outfit to a night outfit by adding some accessories to dress up the look. Each artfully handcrafted piece is timeless and the high quality of her products ensures that her pieces will remain a closet staple time and time again.

Coodly envisioned and created a collection that focuses on making any woman who wears her garments feel comfortable and confident when they look in the mirror. Coodly is passionate about her designs and is the living embodiment of her own motto. Women should dress to please themselves. Her ideals and ardor to share the feeling of confidence are reflected in her free spirited designs and dresses that softly drape over the body. Her immaculately tailored pieces do not aim to hide the natural beauty of the body, but drape over the body in a mystical way to heighten the sense of imagination. If you feel inspired and wish to customize your order then you can contact for further information and can work with Coodly to bring your own visions to life.

Originally, Lavanya Coodly focused mainly on a women’s wear collection to share her love for comfort and fashion, but she is currently working on extending her collection to include clothing for babies, children, and men. With over 240 retail stores worldwide, Lavanya Coodly is swiftly expanding and plans on accommodating her designs and sharing her message of personal satisfaction to other regions of the world.



Company Name: Couture Public Relations

Contact Person: Dahee Joo


Phone: 310.734.6848



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