Launch of Ulloo 42 bespoke furniture

bespoke furniture

The Launch of Ulloo 42 saw celebrities and collectors alike attend the red carpet extravaganza. The event celebrated best friends Suzanne Currie and Lisa Abraham unveiling their first collection of their bespoke furniture brand at the famed Siren Studio’s in Los Angeles. Celebrity attendees walking the red carpet included; Michelle Lukes (Strikeback), Blake Cooper Griffin (Preacher), Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story), Shelley Bhalla (Jane the Virgin), Lenay (Musician), Adrian Dev (Westworld), Bonnie Piesse (Star Wars) and Mercedes Young (Too Rome For Love).

Guest stepped into the brightly lit colorful space where textures and color gave a sence of a time gone by but revised and refreshed and as they marvelled at the pieces on display, food by Chef Brian Vaccarella was served as well as drinks provided by sponsors; Peroni, Hollywood Vodka, Silent Pool Gin and Perfectomundo Tequila.

Founders Lise Abraham and Suzanne Currie started ULLOO 42 because they believe that furniture can be art and art can be furniture. Their company hopes to inspire a trend now and into the future, where furniture can be more than utilitarian: it can be a pleasure, a talking point, a joy to own, and something to be treasured—a rare thing in today’s “disposable” culture.

You may be wondering how ULLOO 42 came to be. Its origins are globally inspired, and the vision has evolved through process and experimentation.

ULO (n): (Igbo African) house

42 (n): the numeric answer to the most important question of the universe (according to Douglas Adams’ popular novel, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

ULLOO 42 (n): a transformational process for modern times that repurposes loved items and creates whimsical conversations beyond borders, addressing the questions of the soul.

ULLOO 42 is the next evolutionary way to experience and enjoy furniture and home décor. As with found art, Ulloo 42 believes previously loved high-end home furnishings are worthy of transformation. Artist Suzanne Currie along with best friend and business visionary Lise Abraham are doing exactly this. Sofas, chairs, lamps, and more are reinvented by Ulloo 42 into must-have, one-of a kind, playful and artfully functional statement pieces.

With this launch Ulloo 42 is announcing to the world that their online platform is available to debut their inaugural collection.

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