Laser Pegs Help Children Learn and Grow

Giving children building blocks for learning purposes will help to expand their knowledge and dexterity. Playing with construction sets in conjunction with others is also a way to instill social graces within a child. Laser Pegs sells many constructions sets that will aid in the educational development of your child.

Benefits of Laser Pegs Construction Kits:

With building block or construction sets, a child will reap many great benefits.

  • Motor refinement- when a child uses blocks for play, they are able to build their arm, hand, and finger muscles. Eye-hand coordination becomes more defined as they stack blocks on top of each other or push interlocking blocks together. Overall, the child develops increased motor skill refinement.
  • Social skills- using blocks and construction sets for group play will help the children develop necessary skills with one another. Everyone in the group will identify blocks that they would like to use for their building purposes. Sharing and communicating about the construction pieces with the others in the group will establish social skills.
  • Awareness- asking a child to reconstruct objects that they have seen in their surroundings will help them become more aware of the world around them.
  • Speech- when adults build with children and ask them to describe what they have created, the child learns to articulate better. A way to build vocabulary in older children would be to help them write signs for their projects.

Educational Building Block Sets:

Laser Pegs has a fine selection of educational construction and block sets that make cool toys along with teaching concepts to a child. The Laser Pegs light up block set comes with word, letter, and number blocks which can further increase a child’s language skills. With the 3d light table a child’s interest is sure to be kept for long periods of play.

The Runners construction sets are ideal for providing a creative outlet that will enhance many aspects of a child’s education. Fine movement skills will be increased while the child push the pieces together and pull them apart. The Runners have six different set designs wrapped into one set of building blocks.

Investing in Laser Pegs building blocks and construction sets will bring great benefit to a child’s developmental skills.

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