La Vie en Rose

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La vie en rose or life in pink, meaning, we should all see the world through rose colored glasses. I do not know what it is about pink, it always seems to make everything better. Wherever this happy color is used it is sure to put a smile on most people’s faces.

Rose gold has been a hot color for a few seasons now and by taking one look at it we know why.  The pale pink color is a great option for those who need to turn traditional pink down a bit. This color is still fun but more subdue with a warm glow.

From phones to sneakers, make up pallets and paperclips rose gold is everywhere you turn and we’re not mad about it. But by far, our favorite things in this special color are all in jewelry form and today we’ll show you some of our top picks!

A good piece of jewelry will last a lifetime. When picking out a style or design make sure it is something that you’ll want to pass down for years to come. Rose gold doesn’t work for everyone or every design for that matter but, when it works, oh it works!

Here are a few of our favorite jewelry designs in rose gold….

Let us begin with one of the most special pieces of jewelry a woman will ever own, a beautiful engagement ring. Finally, a rose that will last forever! Hey, you guys will be in it for the long run at least one of these sparklers on your hand will brighten up the cloudy days that are sure to pass through every now and again.  Oh and can you believe these show stoppers all have moissanite center stones?! I know we couldn’t either!  Here are some of our favorites from


Unique Engagement Rings 14K Rose Gold and Diamond Forever One Moissanite Center Stone. Ring Name – Maria Prices Start at $1750


Solitaire Moissanite Engagement Ring 18 Karat Rose Gold Ring Name – Gisselle Prices Start at $950

Photo: MoissaniteRings.Com

14 Karat Rose Gold and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Forever One Moissanite Center Stone Ring Name- Whirlwind Prices Start at $1465

The world renowned Tiffany & Co. is the perfect spot for those classic styles that will be passed down for generations. Their iconic designs never go out of style or lose their value.  The classic pieces seem to go up in value as the years go on, definitely worth the investment.


Tiffany Twist Knot Earrings 18 Karat Rose Gold $850


Return to Tiffany Heart Tag Charm and Bracelet starts at $1950

During my time spent obsessing, I mean searching, through hundreds of sites looking for the perfect rose gold pieces I came across a few styles that really took my breath away. Let me share them with you here:

Roes Gold Flower Earrings $7900 White Onyx Rose Gold and 1.85ctw Diamond


Oyster Perpetual PEARLMASTER 39 18 Karat Everose gold and diamonds Price upon request


Diamond Cigar Band in 14 Karat Rose Gold  $2300

Trends will come and go but it seems rose gold’s moment in the spotlight is not going to dim anytime soon.  They are a stunning unique alternative to the more traditional options of white and yellow gold. In essence rose gold is destined to become the new classic for its versatility and timeless beauty.  The hue has taken over almost every aspect of our lives and it makes for some beautiful eye candy.

Do you love rose gold? Hate it? Comment below and let us know.

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