Kim Anami: A Jade Egg Between the Legs Can Bring Sexual Healing

Sometimes the best way to get over someone is by getting into yourself — and eventually getting under someone else when the time is right. Just ask Kim Anami. The vaginal weightlifter has taken sexual healing to the next level by inserting a jade yoni egg in her vagina and attaching a string to it to lift chandeliers, bunches of bananas, a surfboard and other fascinating objects in exotic locales such as Bali and hashtagging the journey with #ThingILiftWithMyVagina.

Anami’s been using the jade egg practice to strengthen her pelvic floor muscles and says other women can benefit from it by clenching their vaginas on the device for just a few minutes a day. She’s talked about the subject on her podcast “Orgasmic Enlightenment” and dedicated an entire episode to “Healing Sexual Trauma With the Yoni Egg.”

“I think a lot of people unknowingly are using sex as an escape and a disconnect and a checking out, rather than using it to become more and more conscious,” Anami said during the episode. “But it would be such a challenge for anyone with trauma, and especially significant sexual trauma, to want to open up those gates of consciousness. That’s the last thing you want.”

Anami says she aims to help women focus on the emotional healing aspect self-pleasure can bring.

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“I teach women education about their vaginas using guided visualizations to help them really connect into their own bodies and get to know that part of themselves that for many women is a stranger to them,” Anami explained.

The sexpert, who sells an authentic jade yoni egg kit on her web shop for $299, says there are other eggs on the market but many of them are not likely genuine jade and could be dupes.

“We use authentic nephrite jade and it’s untreated,” Anami described. “It’s harvested and polished. I’ve always sold my eggs with instructions so that people know exactly how to get the benefit out of them. So that means an exercise routine with guided MP3 exercises for workouts with the egg.”

With a focus on the emotional healing aspect of the jade yoni egg, Kim Anami says she helps women learn how to connect to their bodies. She says using the egg for just five minutes a day to start can have a positive impact on a woman’s body.

“Using the jade egg is a beautiful way to ease into self-guided penetration, especially for women who are rebuilding trust with their own vagina,” Anami said.

Anami added that yoni massage can also be therapeutic for healing and she maintains the philosophy is that total healing is most potent when it’s multidimensional and taken from physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual levels.

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“When your vagina is healed and being touched with love and really focused attention and presence, it can begin to function as it was meant to, which is as a compass in your life, guiding you toward love and pleasure,” Anami said. “As a creative source, once your sexual energy is brought back to life, then your reproductive organs become your power center for rejuvenation and creative inspiration.”

The sex guru claims some of the benefits of regularly using a jade egg may include multiple orgasms, ejaculatory orgasms, increased lubrication, and increased libido.

Anami interviewed a woman named Katie on her podcast who says the jade yoni egg helped her better cope with the sexual trauma she had endured.

“I feel that my vagina was completely numbed out. My vagina was disconnected, or I was disconnected from my vagina. I had no sense of her. I was living this life from my head up. There was no connection to the rest of my body,” Katie said on the show.

Katie eventually took Kim Anami’s Kung Fu salon and says she began to heal some of the blockages she was experiencing in the bedroom.

She admitted at first she was fearful of the jade yoni egg and couldn’t even touch her vagina when she started.

“It took me so long to realize that the way I was having sex was also because I was terrified of feeling, and that was also part of the trauma,” Katie said on her inability to want to connect with herself before taking the salon course. “I would sit down in the beginning, and those early sessions of the egg were so pitiful. I would set a timer. I’d set a timer for three minutes. ‘Let’s go. Can we last three minutes?’”

While doing this, Katie shared that she’d just try to focus on her breath and emotions would bubble up.

“Mostly what started to happen in the beginning was all of the trauma stored inside my vagina, all of those unfelt feelings, came rushing out,” Katie explained.

She said she shed a good amount of tears before releasing the pain she’d been enduring for three decades of her life due to sexual abuse.

As she continued to use the jade yoni egg, Katie said her vagina no longer felt numb and she added that her vagina began to experience wetness too. She described the scenario as “vagina magic” and said her body then just started to naturally do all the things it was supposed to.

“For the first time in my life, I actually understand what it means to be embodied,” Katie said. “What it means to actually be in your body. When you can’t touch your own vagina, when you’re terrified of this part of yourself, you’re not in your body. And then if you’re not in your body, forget healing pleasure. You don’t feel anything. You’re just walking around.”

The sex and relationship coach says she finds immense satisfaction in stories like Katie’s.

“It’s very gratifying,” Kim Anami concluded. “I love everything that Katie’s shared. I love how she took on this challenge herself.”

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