Kickstarter Fashion:Wu & Y, Artistic Fashion Shorts Designed for Life

Athletic shorts feel great, but they look odd outside of the gym.

I was introduced to Wu & Y shorts featured on Kickstarter while looking for new fashion. Riding high on the growing popularity of “athleisure” apparels, the fashion brand Wu & Y from Brooklyn, New York, breaks the mold and presents art and personality into the usually black,white and grey aesthetic of activewear. The designs are as unique as the artists that design the shorts.

Have fun with psychedelic and retro patterns printed on shorts made from athletic material and intended to avoid the practical pitfalls of your standard gym shorts. The pockets are sewn into the side seam to prevent unwanted bouncing and closed with zippers to provide security while dancing or rolling around. And, of course, there’s a secret compartment behind the drawstring designed to foil pat-downs.

His shorts have more personality than any other shorts I’ve seen so far. The designs are all fresh and from independent artists. You can go to a festival, backpack, go to the beach or workout in these shorts. They also give a percentage back to empower artists, for each shorts sold that they designed. In each short there is a written message inserted.

Eric Wu is the creative director of the fashion brand. Eric told me that he was inspired to start the brand when he was attending Coachella Music Festival and his friends weren’t comfortable dancing wearing the clothes on their back. Eric said, “We love to explore, experience, and travel. But our shorts don’t let us do what we want – everyday shorts look okay, but we can’t dance or workout in them. Athletic shorts feel great, but they look odd outside of the gym.

The founders of the shorts are a group of young entrepreneurs in Brooklyn. They felt shorts could be athletic, comfortable and fun like art at the same time. That’s how these cool shorts where born!

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