Kick-start Your Lotto Luxury Wardrobe

Everyone has a lottery daydream – from fast cars and flashy homes to amazing collectables and the finest foods. But what will you be wearing during your jet-setting adventures? From exquisite basics to tailored luxury picks and all the must-have accessories, our team has put together this list of inspirational options to help you narrow the field when you’re choosing your lotto winner wardrobe.

Basics, But Better

There are plenty of people out there whose answer to “what would you do if you won the lottery” is “nothing special”. When it comes to your post-lotto-winning wardrobe, there are a few ways you could keep your original style while still indulging in a little luxury. For example, you could stop doing laundry altogether and purchase a lifetime supply of your favorite jeans and tops – even underwear and socks.

But more than this, you could upgrade your jeans for some truly individualized, hand-crafted, custom-fit jeans from 3×1, these made-to-measure beauties will set you back at least $1,200. Or, if you really feel like pushing the boat out where denim is concerned, try to track down the folks at Secret Circus and see if you can commission your own pair of jewel-encrusted million-dollar drawers. Yes, you read that correctly – Secret Circus jeans could set you back $1.3m.

Built Just for You

Maybe instead of assuming you’d keep everything the same, you sit back and think “if I won the lottery I’d have a whole new wardrobe custom made”. Beyond fashion labels, and light-years ahead of “basics”, high-end tailoring is a hugely popular option for lotto winners who want to leave their humdrum world behind and seek out new, exciting options that a more average budget kept out of reach.

Whether you choose a tailor in London’s Saville Row, Manhattan or Hong Kong, working with a traditionally skilled tailor can be a truly luxurious experience. What’s more, what you receive at the end of the process is as unique as you are.

Tapping Into Trends

One of the most decadent ways to fill your wardrobe is through a personal shopping service. These personal shopping consultants work with you in advance, usually over the phone or via a video conferencing service, to get to know you and your preferences in advance. When your shopping day comes, rather than traipsing your way through multiple high-end boutiques or department stores, you simply arrive in the fashion capital of your choosing, sachet into your favorite swank hotel and let the concierge know when you’re ready to meet with your stylist.

The beauty of having access to a personal shopper of this caliber is that you’re able to sample all the latest fashions from top designers the world over from the comfort of your hotel suite. There’s no time crunch trying to get to shops before they’re shut, no juggling bags or packages, and no judgment from anyone – just you, doing your thing, in your own time.

Accessorize to Stun

If you’re not sure how to start dressing yourself with your new fashion budget in mind, start with accessories. Adding a piece of jewelry, a new watch or a special handbag to clothes you feel comfortable in can be a great way to start testing the waters to see what you like before you start slapping down fat wads of cash.

The most expensive accessories for men are watches and cufflinks – if your day-to-day wardrobe doesn’t support a flashy Tissot watch or a pair of ornate diamond-studded cufflinks, keep it simple and start with a biometric carbon-fiber wallet by Dunhill. Or go a little bigger and pick up a pair of Chopard shades.

For women, the go-to indicator of fashion elite status is invariably a handbag.

There are always plenty of choices to suit your needs, the real question to ponder in your lottery-winner dreams is whether you’d prefer a brand new Gucci or a vintage Hermes bag.

We hope that these seeds of fashion and luxury will spark your imagination toward a direction for your new “money is no object” wardrobe. One other thing to consider, is hiring someone to take care of all that laundry…or, you could always opt for the lifetime supply of all your favorite lounge wear and just chuck it in a charity bin when you’re done wearing it.

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