Key trends for your dream kitchen

We might not be spending as long on our cooking as we once did, but in recent years, the kitchen has well and truly become the heart of the home. The space families congregate in after a long day and the perfect place for entertaining loved ones. It’s fair to say the kitchen has become the most multifunctional room, and just as our use of the kitchen has evolved, so too has design. Here are the key trends you should consider when planning your dream kitchen.

Compact designs

No matter the size or shape of your kitchen, more an more designs are benefitting from minimal clutter and maximum efficiency. Think clean lines and handleless cabinetry. Tall wall units with hidden pantry-style cupboards are perfect for kitchens large and small.

Well-placed, concealed storage is the savour for the aesthetic of our kitchens.

Smart gadgets

We’ve all become accustomed to smart devices, from our phones to our TVs, or home heating systems to our doorbells, and now it’s the time for the kitchen to get in on the act too. Top of the smart gadget list is the hot water tap. Opt for a matt black design for a truly sleek aesthetic.

Not only is instant hot water on the hot-list, but so too are smart fridges. Connecting to the internet, smart fridges can help control your fridge’s contents – and add needed items to shopping lists, look up recipes, and impressively cut down on food waste.

Colour combos

The trend for combining two colours throughout the kitchen is set to soar of the next few years. Combining light kitchen colours with deep, dark units helps to add depth and character to the space. This trend isn’t just about a contrasting colour on the walls, it extends to cabinets, worktops, and even flooring.

Using different colours and materials creates instant interest.

Dark surfaces

The dark industrial trend has been around for a few years, but now it’s about to go luxe. Even in small kitchens, dark surfaces, if offset by lighter furniture and brighter colour pops can create a feeling of space.

Pair your dark surfaces with antique metallics for a truly opulent feel, and add downlights to help create mood lighting – perfect for Friday night kitchen discos.

Talking-point tiles

Formation is the biggest trend to watch when it comes to tiles. While the classic shapes, oblong and Metro tiles, are still popular, the difference now is how they’re placed. From staggered brick bond, to step ladder effects, and even simple linear arrangements, it’s time to let your tiles do the talking.

If you’re looking for a touch of heritage with a contemporary twist, herringbone patterns in a jewel colour are the chicest way to introduce this trend.

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