Key Questions Brides should ask any DJ

A lot of future brides and grooms are hiring wedding DJs more than ever. It’s because DJs entertain through their music. And whether wedding guests are dining, exchanging pleasantries, or dancing on the floor, background music provided by disc jockeys adds pleasure to the guests’ overall experience. 

As a bride, disc jockeys buffalo ny could now be on top of your list of providers, waiting to be ticked. While you have a bunch of questions running in your mind, you feel you are unprepared to talk to them. 

Here’s a brief rundown of what you should be asking a DJ so you won’t miss out on the important stuff. Save the list before going out to meet him personally.

How much do you charge?

As a practical bride, this is the first question that you would be most interested in, and often, it is the deal-breaker. While you and your partner have put a cap on your entertainment budget, it is never a good move to decide on cost alone. Know what makes one DJ more expensive than the other. And weigh the pros and cons. There are professionals that charge rates from $1,200 up, but you won’t feel sorry for hiring them. You get value for your money. When fees are too cheap (say $250), remember that there is a compelling reason for them to go this low. They might be new DJs who are talented but just waiting for a big break. On the other hand, there are DJs too who are cheap simply because they are in every way.

What drives a DJ’s fees? One cost for them is the equipment they use. If their equipment is of a well-known brand with excellent quality, expect that they too invested sums of money in it.  They also incur maintenance and transportation costs every time they do a wedding gig. Charges will vary depending on the type of event they are doing. Weddings are more expensive than family reunions, for more obvious reasons. And if they are coming from NY, a wedding gig in Norfolk is likely more costly than the one in Newark.

What songs should we play on our wedding day?

You and your partner will have a list of songs that you would love to hear playing during your wedding reception from beginning to end. It may be the old popular songs of the 1940s like Moonlight Cocktail, Sentimental Journey, and Ballerina.  Or, the more modern love songs of the like From “10,000 Hours” (Dan + Shay feat. Justin Bieber), “Lover (Taylor Swift) or “Blessed” (Thomas Rhett).

Despite having a playlist of your own, it is good to seek the opinion of a DJ.  He is a professional who has provided music for hundreds of weddings in the past.  Expect him to share a lot. He may suggest tunes that are appropriate for every stage of the wedding reception. He knows which music is best for the entrance of the wedding entourage at the reception hall. He has ideas which mellow tunes are good to play while guests are queuing at the buffet table. For your first dance as a couple, he may suggest selections from Peter Frampton, James Taylor, or Pat Benatar.

Don’t hesitate to tell him that you prefer slow music or if you aren’t much of a dancer. If he gathers that you, as a couple, go for the classic and nostalgic tunes, he could offer to play the songs of Frank Sinatra, the Supremes, and the Righteous Brothers.

Remember that he may suggest all the best tunes. From experience, he knows what will work for every phase of the reception. You may agree to use his playlist or collaborate to come up with a custom playlist. Allow him to come up with a mix of songs just for you. If hired, he will be your partner and a member of your team. He won’t dictate on you, but he will cooperate with you to come up with music that will bring magic to your big event.

When can I schedule an appointment?

An experienced DJ will welcome your offer to drop by and discuss the package he is offering. First impressions do count, and you will only get the feel of the person you are chatting with online when you see him face to face. Meeting your DJ personally and having detailed discussions with him about your upcoming wedding will help you get to know him more in terms of his professionalism. You will see in his demeanor if what he says and promises are all true. You will be able to confirm your image of him and how he runs his business.

Can you show me a sample of your contract?

No matter how boring or tedious it may be, reviewing a contract is always essential in almost all transactions, including hiring a DJ. A contract is indispensable in any deal because it lays down all the responsibilities of the parties – you and a representative of djs buffalo ny. Each contract is tailored-fit for each transaction. Most of the time, they already come in templates, ready for printing and execution. However, this does not mean that you will skip reading it. Reviewing a contract prepared by a DJ allows you to ask more questions. There may be provisions that are unclear or need clarification. Allow yourself some time to understand what is stated, including fees, warranties, and obligations of the provider.  Note down what he expects of you as a client. Do not hesitate to air your thoughts or comments about a particular provision if it involves you. However, be polite when asking for clarification.

Asking questions and clarifying anything that appears vague minimizes misunderstanding between you and your prospective DJ. So go ahead. Shoot a question. You two will soon be part of a team that is off to a good start.

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