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Kempii is for everyone – we didn’t want reducing waste to be only for those who can afford a luxury Eco-lifestyle.

It is clear that a lot has to be done to reduce waste on our planet. That’s why I try to make increasingly conscious choices regarding the products I use and the things I do. After all, you have to start somewhere.

I have not used plastic bags for fruit and vegetables for a long time, I bring my own bamboo cutlery set and reusable cups everywhere. You can find reusable and plastic-free bags at Polythene UK. That is all a small effort, but together makes a big difference. I really enjoy discovering new products and tips that can contribute to this. So I was happy to discover Kempii with a collection of great products to reduce your waste and a blog to get inspired. Read the interview to find out more!  

What’s special about your business?
Our mission is to inspire as many people as possible to reduce their waste, by showing them how easy it is! Our website blog has a detailed, room-by-room guide to explain how to reduce waste, with links to all the products you’ll need.

At the moment, all our products link to Etsy and Amazon websites, but we’re looking to transition to a marketplace this year.

Kempii is for everyone – we didn’t want reducing waste to be only for those who can afford a luxury Eco-lifestyle. That’s why we’ve given so much advice on our website, so people can figure out what works for them.

What motivated you?
We come from Australia, where people seem to have a stronger connection with nature. But apart from that, we’re just regular London city-dwellers, not your traditional “Eco-warrior” types.

We cared about ethical and environmental issues, but we also had busy lives and couldn’t commit to making huge lifestyle changes. However, we found that just a few simple swaps did make a huge difference.

We aren’t the “mason jar of trash” zero-wasters, but we’ve definitely cut our waste by at least 80%! Imagine if everyone could do the same!

What green issues are you most passionate about?

The interesting thing about waste is that it has an impact on so many different environmental issues: plastic pollution, climate change (food waste is the 3rd biggest contributor to greenhouse gases), deforestation and habitat destruction (reducing electronic waste could reduce the amount of metals/minerals we mine), which we discuss on our ZIOW blog.

What advice would you have for other aspiring social and green entrepreneurs?

Social media is important for any online business. Not only does it help with branding and publicity, you can directly speak to your community and find out what they need.

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