Keep Yourself Warm; 15 Best Beanies You Should Have in 2019

With a beanie hat, your head will remain warm and protected throughout this winter season.

Beanies stand out amongst winter hats because they are stylish. Essentially, they are attractive and still keep your head warm. The amount of heat retained by your beanies is dependent on the material used to make it.

Too much warmth, however, can be discomfort associated with wearing beanies. This can be avoided by shopping for variants that have breathable fabric. You can also enhance comfort by going for stretchy beanie hats.

Although choosing a beanie hat can be challenging, you should always consider warmth, comfort, and style. Having said that, the following are the best-rated beanies in the market.

Soundbot SB210 HD Smart Beanie

If you are an audiophile, the Soundbot Smart Wireless Beanie is your best option. It has inbuilt earphones that keep you entertained and warm at the same time. Notably, the earphones are wireless and support Bluetooth 4.0 connections. This means that you can connect to Bluetooth gadgets such as laptops, phones and audio players provided that they are within a 33-feet radius. The sound output is beefed up by the integrated stereo loudspeaker driver. The Soundbot beanies last for five hours before needing a recharge.

Technology aside, this beanie hat serves its primary purpose impressively. It is comfortable and keeps your head warm. It is also easy to clean, but you must first remove the headphones and the battery to avoid damages.

Minus33 Merino Wool Ridge Cuff Beanie

Merino wool is renowned for its softness, breathability and unrivaled comfort. In addition, this exceptional type of wool is also odor-resistant, fire resistant, machine washable, and most amazingly, it insulates when exposed to moisture.

The Minus33 Merino Wool Ridge Cuff Beanie adds style on top of the impressive advantages of Merino wool. With this hat, you can have fun throughout the day without soaking. This is because the wool absorbs a third of its weight in moisture. Also, the Minus33 is lightweight and easy to clean.

Men’s Storm ColdGear Infrared Beanie

Under Armour is a leading American brand renowned for producing top-notch sports outfits. The Men’s Storm ColdGear Infrared Elements 2.0 Beanie is built using the sportswear manufacturer’s proprietary UA Storm Technology fabric. This makes the hat long-lasting as well as water resistant.

Its interior infuses yet another unique technology from Under Armour, the ColdGear Infrared Technology. This enables the hat to absorb your body heat and evenly distribute it without overheating. For this reason, this beanie hat is best-suited for outdoor runners.

This beanie comes in several colors (fourteen), meaning that you are not restricted to a few options.

Under Armour’s Women’s Around Town Beanie

For women who want an all-rounder winter beanie hat, the Around Town from Under Armour is certainly the best option. It is suited for both indoor and outdoor activities.

 The Around Town beanie hat has a stylish appearance and fits almost all head sizes. On top of this, it is extremely comfortable and blends seamlessly with the rest of your outfits. To cap its amazing features, the Around Town women’s beanie guarantees the longevity associated with Under Armour products.

North Face Bones Beanie

Though it has a simple design, the North Face Bones Beanie is impressive in keeping your head protected and warm during cold weather conditions. Furthermore, its slim-fitting design ensures that it remains in position even when it is subjected to intense activity.

The interior is lined with a micro-fleece ear band to protect the ears during outdoor sessions. Still, this beanie has been hailed by many users for its remarkable breathability. It is also light and machine washable.

 The North Face Bones Beanie is available in 24 colors.

Smartwool NTS 250 Reversible Pattern Beanie

The name says it all – this beanie hat has a reversible design. Essentially, this equates to getting to different beanie hats for the price of one. The Smartwool Reversible beanie is made of merino wool which has an array of benefits, as mentioned earlier. It comes with a double interlock knit layer to maximize heat retention.

As expected of merino wool products, this beanie insulates you when exposed to moisture. Also, it is lightweight and easy to clean. The Smartwool Reversible beanie is available in multiple color pairings.

Coal Yukon Brim Knit Beanie
Although it is uncharacteristic, the sun emerges occasionally during wintertime. This is where a brimmed beanie hat such as the Coal Yukon Chunky Knit comes in handy.  It has a visor that protects your face from the sun’s rays. Most importantly, it gives the warmth that is expected of any beanie.

The Coal Yukon is entirely woolen and breathable, a design that enhances comfort and prevents itching. Its interior is lined with polyester for heat retention.  The visor is made of tough plastic material. For this reason, this beanie can’t be washed using a machine.
The Coal Yukon is available in multiple colors, including olive, dark red, navy, crème, navy, and black.

Mountain Hardwear Dome Perignon II

 Sometimes, the chilly winter weather might be accompanied by strong winds. The Dome Perignon II is equipped with unique wind-proofing technology called Windbloc that provides warmth in chilly conditions. This beanie has proven its ability to keep warm even in subzero temperatures. This makes it a popular option among mountaineers and other winter sports fans.

The downside, however, of the Dome Perignon is its outlook. Its elongated design and conspicuous Mountain hardware are not appealing to the eye. Nonetheless, it still serves its intended functions.

Redess Slouchy Long Oversized Beanie Hat

If you want a distinctive style, you should pick the Redess Slouchy Long Oversized beanie. As the name suggests, this hat has a slouchy and oversized design. Designed for both sexes, this beanie is entirely made of acrylic and covers the wearer’s ears.

The interior consist of a soft fur lining for heat retention purposes. As well as being oversized, this hat has an elastic opening and can thereby accommodate large heads. This beanie is available in a variety of colors, both plain and checkered. 

Columbia Men’s Trail Summit Beanie

A winter sports helmet requires you to wear a lightweight beanie hat underneath. The Columbia Trail Summit Beanie is specifically built for this purpose. It is created from a combination of elastane and polyester.

The interior has diminutive silver dots that preserve body heat using reflection. Moreover, it is breathable to prevent overheating. This hat is available in five colors; black, graphite, and three shades of blue.

North Face Shinsky Beanie
Women who want a beanie that covers the entire head, including ears, should consider the North Face Shinsky beanie. It as an open-weave design and is best-suited for mildly cold weather conditions.  It is also available in eight different colors.

Interestingly, there are some variants of the North Face Shinsky that are reversible.

Outdoor Research’s Gradient Hat

Enthusiasts of striking colors will definitely find the Gradient Hat beanie from Outdoor Research appealing. Besides its attractiveness, this hat has excellent breathability and its interior is lined with micro-fleece.

The Gradient hat beanie is entirely made of boiled wool that guarantees durability. Its main demerit is that it can’t be cleaned using a washing machine. This product is available in five color gradients.

Patagonia’s Women’s Cable Beanie

Patagonia Footprint Chronicles is an advocate of environmental conservation. Because of this, their Cable Beanie hat for women is made of recycled wool and nylon.

The nylon used to make this hat is sourced from the byproducts of weaving mills. On the other hand, the wool is recycled from disregarded woolen outfits such as sweaters.

Hands down, the Patagonia Cable Beanie is the best eco-friendly beanie hat in the market.

Sport-Tek Men’s Pom Pom Team Beanie

Want a beanie hat with a touch of Christmas? The Sport-Tek Pom-Pom team beanie is probably your best bet. Typically, pom-pom beanies are used to identify what team you support. This product takes care of this aspect by providing combinations of three different colors with each hat.

The beanie has a chunky knit to ensure that you remain warm throughout. Instead of an interior lining, this product has a cuff that cushions your forehead and ears from cold temperatures.
To prevent discoloration, you should not wash this pom-pom beanie using chlorinated beaches. However, it supports machine washing.

Arcteryx Rolling Stripe Hat

The Arcteryx Rolling Stripe bean epitomizes comfort with its loose-fitting design. People who like colors will immediately fall in love with this product due to its stripped outlook. Also, in this regard, it is available in 18 different colors.

Alongside comfort, another feature that the Arcteryx offers is versatility. It can either be pulled over the ears or rolled up the brim. Furthermore, it is made of wool and can easily fit under a hooded jacket or helmet.

Even better, this beanie hat can keep you warm at extreme temperatures of up to -10 degrees. The woolen fabric acts as a wick that absorbs the sweat produced by the wearer.

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