Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh with Setting Spray

Taking the time to develop the perfect make-up look for every occasion and event takes a lot of energy. You take time planning every element of your face.

You decide if you want a cut crease or a more natural eye. Will you be taking the extra time to contour with your full palette? All this and we have not even thought of lips yet. Do we go bold or do we just line and try for a more natural look today?

You always want to look our best, yet appropriate. When your makeup is perfect you feel amazing. It gives us so much confidence and you feel like you can conquer the world.

Do you ever wonder how it seems like some people always look like they just finished applying their makeup? They somehow manage to still have a perfect cat eye eyeliner at 3:00 when you see them in the elevator at the office.

We will let you in on the secret. They are using a setting spray.

What is Setting Spray?

Setting spray is one of the best inventions of all time. Think of it as a top coat for your makeup. When you get your nails done your manicurist always does a top coat to hold everything in place and to keep your polish from getting damaged. Setting spray does the same for your face.

Setting Spray is a solution that comes in a spray bottle. Once you have completed your make-up look you mist your face with the setting spray. This will lock in your look and make it last longer.

Can I Just Use Makeup Primer?

Many people confuse makeup primer with setting spray.

Makeup Primer is to be used before you apply your makeup to give you an even palette to start your makeup look on. It will make your makeup go on much smoother and last longer when it is paired with a setting spray.

The biggest difference is makeup primer is to be used on clean skin before starting a new makeup look and will help the look to adhere to the skin. The setting spray is used to seal the look and keep it from being disturbed by outside forces.

If you only use the makeup primer you will notice that your finished product will look a lot better but after you have been out in the everyday elements for a few hours you will notice it is fading.

Can I Just Use Powder to Set My Face?

Before many people discovered setting spray it was common to try and use powder to achieve the same effect. The goal was to keep as much makeup as possible on the face.

This technique was more effective than only wearing foundation but as you know, every time you wipe your face or blow your nose you will see some of your makeup get wiped away.

Also, you cannot place powder on your eyes to set your eye makeup. We have all accidentally wiped our eyes and immediately panicked about what damage we may have done to our eyeliner.

When you use setting spray you are able to seal everything. When you try to use powder you are limiting what you can protect and making your look a lot heavier. Also, powder will crease and smudge.

The Only Option to Keep All Your Makeup Looking Fresh

It is clear if you want to keep your perfect eyeliner and cut crease in place all day you have to invest in a good setting spray. We spend so much time and thought on our look and we deserve to feel the confidence a perfect face of makeup brings all day.

In summary, if you want to be the person in the office that everyone wants to know the secret to how they always look perfect, make sure the next time you are finishing that perfect look you take a few extra moments and mist your face with your setting spray. You will not regret it!

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