Karen Mason Couture SmartScarf™ The first full color QR code silk scarf in the world!

KMClogo1Karen Mason Couture has created the World’s first color QR code SmartScarf™ that can be scanned by your smart phone. Karen’s  SmartScarf™  is made from the finest quality silk and hand rolled.


Karen Mason enthuses:   “I wanted to create a luxury silk SmartScarf™  that celebrates and highlights the artistic elements of QR Code design, but utilizes colors not just simple black and white.

Even with colors the QR code still works perfectly (please try it).

I’ve blended modern technology with the finest ancient silk scarf making techniques, to produce a beautiful “must have” scarf to add to your treasured collection.

Obviously the idea isn’t that you can scan it from any of the lovely, clever and smart ways a scarf can be tied, but that it can be scanned when placed flat. So it’s dual purpose; and always smart – mischievous smile.

It’s fun, vibrant, stylish and exciting. Let’s be honest. How many articles of clothing do you

own that can interact with your phone?  A 21st Century scarf..”


Always a Classic

Karen Mason has gained considerable publicity, not only for having the World’s first silk color QR code scarf, her SmartScarf™, but also for her retro Always a Classic photographs.

Karen says she had great fun doing the photo shoots for her Always a Classic campaign.

She explains; “When we came up with “Always a Classic” as a slogan for the company, I immediately saw it as having two potential meanings, double meanings, if you will..

For example;
It can mean of All the lovely and interesting ways you can choose to wear and tie your KMC scarf, it is Always a Classic. And also my aspiration is that Karen Mason Couture scarves will always stand the test of time, and therefore will Always be (a) classic, so in a time sense Always a Classic too.

And then this got me thinking. If I want the scarves to always be classic in the future, what would it have been like if they had been worn in the past! (giggle)

It was then I decided to combine two of my passions; Silk scarves and Vintage clothing.
The story of my vintage clothing and fur collection is for another day, but I realized that I could do a photo series using authentic clothes and accessories from the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s 70’s. 80’s and then (obviously) up to date!

I must admit I was nervous about being in front of the camera, but you have to remember this was not intended as a professional photo shoot. Just a tongue-in-cheek retrospective look back in time.

Having said that, the results far exceeded my expectations. I hope you’ll enjoy them too x

To see some of the Always a Classic photos, as a slide show visit: karenmasoncouture.com/smartscarf
Price:  $99 + $14.99 shipping. £64.99 + £10 shipping. €91.99 + €14.13 shipping

100% Silk 16mm twill

Silk screen printed. Hand rolled

Size: Square:  87cm x 87cm (39.5” x 39.5” inches)

Price:  $99 + $14.99 shipping. £64.99 + £10 shipping. €91.99 + €14.13 shipping

100% Silk 16mm twill

Silk screen printed. Hand rolled

Size: Square:  87cm x 87cm (39.5” x 39.5” inches)



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