JXL unveils Creative Energy 2021® and opens a new door to cultural streetwear

JXL Creation wakes from a 6-month dormancy with the final stone to the Covenant Era crown.

Creative directors Joe Ice and Levels have dialed in on tapping into their cultural roots to bring out a whole new style of streetwear. Creative Energy (CE) focuses on incorporating west african patterns, symbols, and imagery into their astral style while still carrying the look of modern streetwear fits. They have also managed to accomplish this with a more sustainable approach, in regard to fabric material and resource conservation.

Switching away from more notable t-shirt brands, JXL Creation exclusively utilizes local Eco-conscious brands for all pieces in this series. For the items where using less eco-friendly materials was necessary, JXL has chosen to manufacture each piece order to order, so that no wasted inventory is left over.

Creative Energy 2021 is the first of many to come, and will be added to the list of recurring releases in the calendar year by JXL Creation.

This completes the cycle, making the calendar year as follows:

Jan – Mar : Pure Series ®

Apr – Jun : Spring/Summer Collection

Jul – Sep : Creative Energy

Oct – Dec : Fall/Winter Collection

Creative Energy is a perfect example of how JXL Creation adds touches of their culture to existing styles that cater to a larger demographic. By doing this, they are able to create new avenues in established areas, and increase their following behind them as they move forward.

Website: www.jxlcreation.com
Instagram: @jxlcreation

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