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Sneha Verma-SankalpArt.

SankalpArt aims to fulfill the dreams of authors. Dreams and creativity that are raw and new.

The idea of this auspicious initiative was taken in 2014 when the Founder & CEO of SankalpArt, SANKALP SHRIVASTAVA stepped out from his comfort zone to find a job for himself.

Yes, you heard right. Founder & CEO of this great initiative once struggled like many of us.

We all came across the emotional and mental pressure of unemployment in 2020, but he went through all this pressure in 2014. He struggled the whole day for his job and spent all his nights mocking and doubting his potential. Every single morning gave him a new hope of something better coming on his way.

The Founder & CEO of SankalpArt worked for a automobile company. His ways were too jolly and calm at the workplace and that irked many of the co-workers. But he was in the good books of his boss. His performance was commendable, and he was about to get the promotion. Just before the moment of promotion, he resigned from the company.


He was not getting the utmost happiness and pleasure around that job. Like most of us, he chooses career first but couldn’t find pleasure in it, and here starts the combat of SankalpArt’s CEO.

E S T . 2 0 1 5



The talk was smooth and direct. He showed Founder and CEO of SankalpArt, that, he was just


Author’s Dream

The Founder & CEO of SankalpArt faced unemployment for 2 years straight. Every moment passed gave himself a doubting vibe. Still, he didn’t waste a single moment. He started up-scaling himself. He read articles, growing his skills. During his learning phase, he came across a video that enlightened him. The video got a very interesting and underrated line “Kuch Aisa Karo jo logo key sapne pure kare”.

We often become selfish after facing so much struggle. But this man set an example for all of us that being selfish will never provide you peaceful sleep. He left his job at the moment of promotion because that job never bought happiness to him.

He faced bruiser days and had the feeling of unworthiness. After too much struggle, he got a job at a service center. The only craving at that time was for money and a busy schedule. The situation made him so crazy that he didn’t even enquire about his role prior. Just like a gentleman he dressed in a suit and went for the interview and his mind was just poking at one question “ what will be my pay ?”.

Soon after all the questions, the interviewer of the service Center specified his salary, which was not up to his expectations. But it’s better to have something rather than nothing. During first day of his job he inquired about his role. The answer astounded him. He has to work as an automobile cleaner. His current boss was diploma holder and Founder of SankalpArt had bachelor degree in Engineering. Because of the insecurity his current boss assigned him duty to wash and clean all the bikes in the service center, so that he himself quit the job!

Few days went deadly rough and insulting for him. A man reaching at his workplace in a suit and ultimately washing and cleaning the bikes. Who imagined this?

His pressure was finally understood by one of his seniors colleague. That colleague approached him and the conversation changed the perception of our CEO. That senior friend worked as a pathfinder to him. Most of us ignore our six senses because we want others to say what we feel. This friend enlightened him.

invaluable, like a 0 before a number. He can still ace

it by doing the work assigned to him perfectly, and differently.

The words of the friend were too much for the Founder and CEO of SankalpArt to understand. Still, he didn’t insult him and started cleaning the bikes with all his honesty and patience. The moment came when the demand for his cleanliness hiked at the same service Centre.

After a few months, a situation came where that friend got surrounded by an adverse situation. Founder and CEO of SankalpArt, thought about the solution the whole night and saved the situation smartly and patiently. The solution was to make everyone happy and satisfied.

Someone said this right, ”Small moments help us know our true self.” After saving the job of his senior friend, he felt the drastically sensational vibe. Soon he realized he was seeking exactly this feeling. After few days he left the job at the service Centre too, and walked on the path to start his journey as the Founder and CEO of SANKALPART.

The graph was never static for him. He tried to work on himself every day and upskilled himself.

He came across one quotes of Bill Gates– “ If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”

He sharpened his skills in designing. He was into designing and drawing a lot. He was awarded 267 awards during school time. His articles and poem got published in many newspapers and magazines. He wrote over 200 storybooks. But unfortunately, none got published.

Initially, SankalpArt started with selling modern arts. His idea was to create a platform that connects with all the artist and showcase the talent of the artist. He worked the spent many sleepless nights on the creation of his website, but it didn’t reach the public at large. He came across Pinterest. The concept of Pinterest looked exactly what he was seeking. The difference was that Pinterest had all the promotion techniques. That platform was having a great number of viewers, and SankalpArt was Struggling. Founder and CEO of SankalpArt realized that “Best business Idea” not enough to get the success.

Never Give Up

If you have a dream keep your breath alive.

Founder and C.E.O. of SankalpArt changed his original Idea, and amended it ” SankalpArt – Author’s Dream.” SankalpArt provides all the services to publish a book!

Founder and C.E.O. started learn SEO and digital marketing. He was so raw to understand that every next artist dreams the same and could achieve it because some had the team and few had experience and knowledge.

He knows exactly what he had to do at moment. He started spending a lot of time learning different promotional techniques. He understood that a simple free website will never go to help him. So, he bought his first domain. Worked immensely on it and named it officially SankalpArt.

Founder and CEO of SankalpArt used all his life experience to build the foundation. He left no stones unturned. Created sounding, a convincing policy that now every next person wants to join.

SankalpArt will provide the privileges that most of the company will never. For some, it can be a blessing and for others, it can be another effective way to perform frauds.

Why do so much?

Well, during his learning a tragic thing happened to him. He came across an advertisement for the vacancy in relation to Book Cover Designer and the client was from Florida. The deal was for $25.

He approached the client and pitched him. He was totally unaware of the scam world and accepted all the non-sense conditions of the client. He created an appealing book cover and impressed the client. There is no end to the hard work you want to put. He worked on the assigned work without even considering the Sun and the Moon. After a few days he completed with an excellent and appealing Book Cover. Guess what? The client was totally impressed. But that was not the end. He had to remake 50 other copies in the name of editing. He worked on all the copies without even questioning the requirements. After the successful completion of 50 covers, he sent all the files to the client with no watermark, and the client eventually blocked him without a single payment.

He was utterly heartbroken. All his hopes and hard work were in vain. For him, it was more like a shocking moment. He was in total shock that how can a person from Florida perform this utter shameless.

After that moment he planned to carve the best policies for the employees of SankalpArt.

Sankalp Shrivastava Founder and

C.E.O. of SankalpArt, M.Tech in mechanical engineering, Published two research paper, can simply choose to work under any technical department. But life got his own ways. After that big stroke, he framed immense policies and rules for SankalpArt members and clients.

The policies of SankalpArt are :

Don’t work without signing a legal contract.

Set a limit for revisions.

Work only after 50 % advance.

The Founder and C.E.O. of SankalpArt was deeply affected after that incident so he framed few rules for his publishing company:

All employees and freelancers working under SankalpArt will be paid in advance.

This decision proved bad and eventually led to many losses of thousands, but this rule never got amended.

He still believes that there are good people who need a good job and environment. He cares for them and few scammers out of them won’t make any difference now.

Efforts of each employee will be valued more than results.

The client will get quality work and for that, SankalpArt have a dedicated team.

If due to any reason the client is unsatisfied, the whole payment will be refunded by SankalpArt. (This situation came only once in the history of SankalpArt).

Every honest and dedicated employee will be awarded a bonus.


Author’s Dream

SankalpArt is a Book Publishing House in USA and India.

SankalpArt- Author’s Dream


Initially, SankalpArt was a book publishing services-provider. Now, SankalpArt officially works as a publisher and provides ISBN to the authors too.

SankalpArt Publish books and provides services regarding book editing, cover design, illustrations, Book formatting, book animation, Book trailers, Author websites designs, author branding and advertisement.

The vision of SankalpArt:

·The vision is to provide satisfaction level to every author who is connected with this prestigious platform by our work, policies.

·To provide quality work before the deadline. The work should be perfect and professional.

·Dedication and Integrity is the pillar of SankalpArt.


Today, SankalpArt has over 20 to 30 employees. The company associated more than 900 Indian and International authors and it is still increasing in numbers. The stories were written by our CEO now used

as scripts in many web series.

The mission of SankalpArt:

To outspread SankalpArt in every corner

of the world where author and talent lives. It aims to provide total satisfaction to every member of the team and to the client base as well.

SankalpArt has two branches. One in California and the other in India.

The publishing company is planning to open a physical office in Dubai and UK




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