Jingle Bell Rock the House With These 3 Cool Christmas DIYs

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Is it just us or have Christmas decorations gotten a little boring? There’s so much of the same out there on store shelves. And so much red and green. This year, add a little edge and put your own festive twist on holiday decor with these three anything-but-ho-ho-hum DIY projects.

Chalkboard + Christmas Lights

Spread a little Christmas cheer with an inspiring holiday message. Or, opt for a more satirical saying this holiday season. Whatever you choose to write, this DIY is sure to get the message across.

Start out with a medium-sized chalkboard. You might not have one of these laying around the house or tucked away in a closet, but they can also be picked up at most craft stores for cheap. Doodle your Christmas message onto the board in light pencil. When you’ve got the right font, size and after you’ve completed a thorough spell-check, apply your paint or chalk. Give the paint some time to dry and apply an extra coat if needed.

Find the perfect spot to put your new Christmas message board on display — by the front door or hanging in the living room. Finish it off by draping a string of holiday lights around the corners and you’ve got a festive conversation starter for your next Christmas party.

For more do-it-yourself inspiration, visit the queen of craft’s (Martha Stewart) website.

Wreath + Old Bulbs + Beer Cans

Craft beer fans, listen up! You can recycle and reuse with this DIY holiday wreath project. To get started, assemble half a dozen of your best old ornaments and a few bows leftover from last year’s festivities. If your ornaments have any pins or wires you can remove them. And for your bows, they might need a little TLC after spending nearly 365 days in storage.

Next, choose a wreath. Be bold and opt for a bright color or stay with the tried-and-true traditional evergreen wreath. Here comes the fun part. Gather up a few of your favorite craft beer cans to add a little extra Christmas beer, or cheer, to your wreath. You’ll need a glue gun to adhere your cans, bows and Christmas balls to your one-of-a-kind wreath. For a full tutorial check out All Free Crafts.

Leftover Wrapping Paper + String

Upcycling never looked so shiny! Take control over all of that leftover wrapping paper and get to work making some new, festive hanging decorations for this holiday season. While you don’t have to restrict yourself to only using metallic colors, these metallics make a bold statement, and can be left up through the new year. If your surplus of supplies is limited to reds and greens, these Christmas-time colors work just as well.

You’ll need a few supplies on hand to get started, including a craft knife, pencil, hole punch, metal ruler, twine, tape, scissors and a cutting mat. The hanging star medallions can be made in three sizes, 5-inches, 7-inches and 9-inches, for small, medium and large sizes. For step-by-step instructions visit The Elli Blog.

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