Jewelry Trends You Don’t Want to Miss in 2022

Spring has arrived. New fashion trends come with the changing of the seasons, and men and women love to know what is hot this year. If you are looking to purchase new jewelry, consider spending your money on one or more of the following items. Doing so is an easy way to update the wardrobe without spending a fortune.

Permanent Bracelets

As the name implies, permanent bracelets don’t have a clasp. Because they lack this feature, once a person has them fused on the wrist or ankle, they cannot remove them. Jewelers make these pieces from durable materials to ensure they don’t fade or rust, and the wearer never has to worry about losing the item.

However, a person may have this permanent bracelet removed if they wish. They will probably need to visit a jeweler to have this task carried out, but it shouldn’t take over 15 minutes. In addition, fusing the bracelet on the wrist or ankle and having it removed are painless tasks.

Body Jewelry

Don’t limit the adornments to the face and neck. Purchase body jewelry and show off your style from head to toe. Purchase a waist chain or pick up a bicep bracelet. Use these items to highlight your best features. For some women, these will be toe rings.

When choosing these pieces, look for chain-link items. They took center stage on the runways this year, so investing in one or more chain-link pieces for the body allows you to benefit from two trends and look your best when doing so.

Chunky Chokers

Layered necklaces may soon be a thing of the past. Models today choose more impactful items for the neckline and decolletage. They love chunky chokers, as they have many styles to choose from. One person may go for spherical pearls while another individual chooses a shiny gold choker.

When comparing these chokers, look for ones that rest along the collarbone or a style that fills the decolletage. Shop around to find a choker you love and cannot live without. Delicate pieces aren’t popular this year, so go for bold with these chokers. Other people will envy your sense of style.

Bright Bangles

Add a touch of color to any outfit with the help of brightly colored bangles. Wear one or two bangles or layer a collection of these bracelets on the arm. When selecting bangles, consider candy-colored versions. Colorful jewelry looks great with a neutral outfit, and it can also ‌complement a glamorous dress. The choice is yours, as there are many bangles offered today.

Oversized Earrings

The easiest way to dress up any outfit is to wear a pair of oversized earrings. Some designers recommend large Italian gold hoops, but don’t limit yourself to this one style. Pick up a pair of beaded drops or invest in earrings featuring intricate metalwork. Regardless of which style you select, the oversized earrings add chic to any outfit. With the right pair, a change of earrings won’t be necessary when going from the office to a night on the town with friends.

Many people remain concerned about their economic future. They haven’t fully recovered from the monetary effects of the global pandemic, and the cost of living continues to rise. Fortunately, a person won’t need to spend countless dollars on new clothing. Any person can update their wardrobe by investing in new accessories.

Choose one or two trends and invest in a few pieces in those styles. With the right items, you’ll have an entirely new look at a fraction of the cost of new clothing. You’ll look and feel great once you see how a change of accessories can alter your entire appearance.

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