Jewelry Trends of 2018 You Can’t-Miss

jewelry trends

A stunning piece of jewelry is not only a woman’s best friend but also the has the power to transform an outfit! Accessories play a huge role in dressing up an ensemble and choosing the right one can make a huge difference to your attire. If you want to piece your entire outfit together in latest style, then it is important to know about the newest jewelry trends among other things.

With right piece of jewelry, you can look sophisticated and elegant with minimal effort. In this post, we will talk about the jewelry trends of 2018 that are season must-haves for a stylish ensemble.

Cocktail Rings

This trend has been around for many years and it’s back again in 2018. The cocktail ring must be added to every style-conscious woman’s wardrobe. Available in bold colors, chunky rocks, and groovy designs, these rings are a rage this year. Butterfly and flower motifs are especially popular. You can try different metals like silver and gold, or consider buying few pieces in coral or sapphire. You can also buy copper and bronze for more affordable options.

Nature-inspired jewelry

This is one of the biggest trends this year. Peacock feather earrings, birch bark hair clips, and animal-inspired earrings will be big in fashion this year. Brooches in the shape of butterflies, insects etc. are evolving this trend to give your wardrobe a fresh spin. Just pair it with muted colors and solid fabrics to add a bit of sophisticated oomph. It can also be paired with skirts, denim, cocktail dresses etc.

Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces too made a comeback from 2017. They can be easily paired with neutral shades and bold patterns to complete the outfit. You can choose from a variety of options such as quirky handmade designs, funky styles, bold stonework, or a mix of metals to be fashion-ready this season. Wear the one that sits on your collarbone or longer styles to make your ensemble stand out.

Chandelier Shoulder Length Earrings

Women are all excited about dangling earrings which is going to rule the 2018 fashion jewelry trend. The shoulder-grazing earrings in stylish designs, cuts, and stones are incredibly popular this year. Keep an eye out for deep shades, bright colors, metal carvings, feathers etc. to make an exciting collection of chandelier earrings. You can pair them with full-length gowns or cocktail dresses to make a fashionable statement.

Chain Ring Bracelet

This one’s fresh this season but making big waves in the fashion world. This unique style is ethereal and adds beauty to your ensemble with its simple addition. Ring bracelets with pearls, tassels, metal carvings etc. are super trendy this year and are available in multiple designs. This style is spoiling the trend-seekers for choice! Choose one in bronze, copper, silver etc. and dress up your evening attire in no time.

Raw Mineral Jewelry

Another trend to make it straight from fashion runways is jewelry inspired by raw minerals. Earrings, crystals, necklaces, etc. adorned with unpolished stones are so fashionable in 2018. You can pick from all kinds of designs and styles this season. Pair them with casual attire for a cool Sunday brunch or style up your jeans/t-shirt combo for a dinner date! Find your style and jazz up that outfit.

Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are available in all shapes and sizes and look extremely stylish when paired the right way. From stones and pearls to tribal themes, these trendy designs are every fashionista’s favorite style item this year. You can make a basic outfit stand-out with beautiful ear cuffs and make it into a party wear in no time. They are suitable for all occasions.

Arm Cuffs

Bringing the 70s back in your closet with arm cuffs this year! Just wear a stack of bangles on your wrist or arm to find the perfect blend of vintage and latest fashion. There are all kinds of arm cuffs available this season that works wonders in accessorizing your outfit. From chunky to thin, wooden or wired styles, find what works best for you and your outfit

These hot jewelry trends of 2018 are season must-haves and must be added to your wardrobe if you are fashion forward. Just remember one thing though, try to find pieces that have the quality of timelessness, such as pearls, raw cuts etc. All these pieces are enough on their own so try to keep it minimal by wearing each one alone. Too many at the same time will make your outfit look busy and overwhelming.


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