Italian Model Charlotte Alessi the Unlikely New Face of the Straight Edge Movement?

There is a new fashion wave coming through Hollywood and it’s hot, and it’s moving hard, and it’s moving fast. Actually it might just be a new spin and flavor on an old male dominated movement that came out of the 70’s Punk Music scene with bands like Minor Threat, who coined the phrase and The Teen Idles who invented the famous signature X that followers either tattoo or draw on their hands in black ink as a sign of their fraternity. This fraternity, over the last thirty-five years or so has gone almost completely, if not exclusively, underground, that is until now with a new fresh movement who’s message has not changed much; No drugs, No Alcohol, No Cigarettes, Anti War, Anti deception, “Anti Jerks”, so you ask the gorgeous model, Ms. Alessi, what it is that they do for fun and she replies, “sex, lots of sex, hot exciting all night sex and laughs!” She adds, “it is such a horrible misconception that many people have today that they must drink or use drugs to have fun and cigarettes are just the most God awful things that I have ever smelled. I hate them.” We sat down and chatted and here is part of the interview;

So, first of all, would you consider yourself a punk rock girl?
Charlotte: oooh, hmmm, yes and no. I think at heart I am a punk, but as far as punk music goes I have never really ever listened to it until recently but I like it OK, but from what I hear it is a music that you really must experience live in a mosh pit, so I am looking forward to going to my first show soon.

If you do not listen to Punk music then how were you introduced to Straight Edge?
Charlotte: I was introduced to Straight Edge by my boyfriend Lewie Marklin who was a TV producer friend of a friend in Hollywood while I was still in Milan. He became an angel in my life, helping me with many things and I fell in love with everything about him. He was so passionate and straightforward about everything, unlike most of the people I met who were just trying to sleep with me and lie about what they did or who they knew. At the time I thought he was a very beautiful person but was tormented by his addictions and his demons. His whole family had basically disenfranchised him and he was hurting so I just wanted to talk him off the ledge and help him to get back on track. I just loved him and all of a sudden he just broke loose and went crazy. He got clean and sober with a sparkle in his eye and an amazing compassion for people like himself who were hurting. It was a very moving spiritual experience. I knew I was sold on his message. I was like “sign me up, I’ll have whatever he’s having!”

This is the same person that is referred to as Mark Mash, former Los Angeles rapper turned ADHDtv host?
Charlotte:  Yep, that’s the one

So, is he the leader of the new Straight Edge movement as some are saying?
Charlotte: Well, I don’t know what he is in regards to that. I don’t know if Straight Edge really has a leader, but he is the head of the Hard (K)Nox$ Family Hollywood Straight Edge crew, I guess I can say that. Hope I got that right.

Some are saying that Ma$h’s Straight Edge is a recovery program, is it? Are you a former addict as well?
Charlotte:  (Laughs) hmmm, well…there are a number of recovering addicts in the group that go to AA or NA, and there are people who are religious from all different backgrounds and stuff but no this is not a recovery program at all. We are not trying to make boundaries or define ourselves thereby limiting our message. As far as I go (Laughs) I have never smoked a cigarette, never taken a drug and though my family owns vineyards I have only drank wine a few times. I just prefer seeing life through clear eyes. I don’t want my judgment impaired for a momentary pleasure that I won’t even remember. People lose their reputations, families, companies, friends, money and dreams every day for drugs and alcohol. This is why we do not even believe in wearing sunglasses because people put on their sunglasses and disconnect with the world. I want to look people right in the eye with sincerity and be present with my undivided attention when I talk to them and I expect the same from others. Besides, we know that people will accuse us of not being true if we do something they don’t like so we want out eyes to be visible so you can see those healthy pupils looking at ‘em!

Wow! You are a passionate group! So, how did the “RED X” movement start?
Charlotte:  Truth be known, I told Markie that I liked the movement but the black X was just too dark for my 310 crew and we wanted something a little softer and sexy. When I mentioned pink or purple he razzed me about it looking like Pepto Bizmo and we dropped the subject. The next morning he was playing around with a picture of actress friend Christina DeRosa and he put red XO’s in the pic. He calls me up and says, “I got it, you guys will have red X’s, we’ll call it Red X!.” It’s brilliant and all the girls loved it!

Yeah, it has a nice ring to it. So what is the plan for the few years to come?
Charlotte: Well, as for Red X, we just want our message to spread. We are working on a line of fashion clothing and such so that everyone knows who is a part. We always support each other first and foremost. Our ultimate goal is to start getting Hollywood behind this movement because they have so much influence over the world and make no mistakes we are saving peoples lives and dreams with this message.

Mark Mash Christian? And You?
Charlotte:  Well yes he is and I am Catholic, so what? That is not our message. Our message is be nice or get away. We support good people and their spiritual beliefs are their business. 99% of our people believe in God but not because we tell them to. You never hear Marklin or anyone really talk about their religious beliefs. We believe that our actions speak louder than words. We preach with our attitudes. I don’t care if someone is a deacon at a church or best friends with the Dali Lama, if they are mean jerks I want them to get away! We don’t go to church, the world is our church!

Ok, so a lot of old school straight edge groups believe that you should not have sex, but you say that you have sex for fun. How does that work?
Charlotte:  Well, that’s easy. Sex is a very important part of life. If it was only intended for pro-creation then it wouldn’t feel so good, right?


Charlotte: When we design fashion, we are dressing up that red apple in the garden, that forbidden fruit to make men want us that much more. We want to tease them so much that they can’t stand it! They can’t think of anything else. Girls also do it to get other girls and boys do it to get other boys. I have never heard of anyone robbing a bank because they were drunk or high on sex, or going on a shooting spree because they just had great sex. We are not priests, nuns or cardinals here, we are people who need pleasures that are natural. Sex can destroy a family, estrange someone from their kids, make them lose face or a business which is why our message is that all sex is great as long as it is legal, so no Lolita’s guys. If they are under 18 you are a predator. No farm animal humping and no sex with people in exclusive relationships, be it boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. That is unhealthy behavior and contributes to the destruction of another’s life. We just basically believe that you should have whatever pleasure is good so long as it does not hurt you or someone else, oh, and the person must be sober and consensual always! God I almost forgot that one, grrrr.

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