IT Troubleshooting Through Conference Calling


It is is no secret that having modern equipment and software that works optimally is crucial for any business to stay afloat in this day and age. Publications like Chron have written about businesses needing to stay on top of technology updates and keeping all products under warranty to make sure that there are no lags in productivity for all members of a team. Companies can be based anywhere now, and it isn’t necessary to have everyone working in the same physical location. Using shared servers, cloud-based storage, and a variety of digital communication devices means that a company can have many far-flung employees and a variety of virtual offices. Carrying a smartphone, tablet, or laptop can help you pull off a makeshift office-space anywhere, which means that IT help needs to be just as easily accessible.

Clients expect a lot of transparency and accessibility from companies now, and those high expectations need to transfer to the IT team that keeps everything running smoothly. It is likely that getting over to see someone’s device to check on what’s going wrong isn’t possible, so making a conference call for IT by using video collaboration software such as Blue Jeans can be one of the right ways to go to solve issues. Mobility is key for so many businesses, and knowing that there is someone keeping an eye on the viability of the tools and apps that allow that is very important.
Using Technology to Your Advantage After It Turns on You
The price of video conference software continues to drop, becoming a great option for a wider and wider variety of companies, according to ComputerWeekly. That means digital communication is more accessible, and clients will be expecting to be able to talk to companies more frequently. The prevalence of WI-FI and data plans keep everyone working and on-the-grid, which puts more pressure on businesses to keep their systems up to date and in prime working order. However, any number of things can go wrong to make it more difficult to work, such as:

  • Server failure
  • Accidental file deletion
  • Email troubles
  • Malfunctioning devices, including tablets, phones, or computers
  • Software problems, and the need to upgrade and constantly look up updates for functionality
  • Forgotten passwords

These are only a few examples, but any of these things can slow down someone significantly, and needs to be addressed right away to permit people to get back to work. Lags and slowdowns won’t be acceptable to people outside the company, so there is no reason it should be accepted among employees either. Making use of IT web conferences is a great way to allow for quick resolution to any of these issues and more.

Using an online system that allows for audio and visual communication leads to fast troubleshooting, since there is less room for miscommunication. There is also the added benefit of being able to share screens, allowing IT workers to take control of the offending device to resolve the problem or share documents with greater ease. Many of these systems use the tools that your company already has, such as webcams and web-browsers so that the actual communication channels are not utilizing additional resources. Cloud-based conference calls and storage make sure that a lot of critical data is both safe and easily accessible, the best of all worlds for businesses that need to make smart choices. It is an additional layer of security that ensures that important documents, presentations, and visual files are not only readily available for use whenever needed, but that they are also being backed up and saved in another location.

In terms of using these platforms for further use in the IT world, online conference software allows for this communication to be saved automatically to be accessed later for a variety of reasons. It can be a good record of issues, so similar ones can be prevented in the future.

Another great use for these logged conversations is for training used in both employee-wide tech initiatives as well as for other IT people in the company who are tasked to handle problems. While these systems make it easy to set meetings with many different people involved, it isn’t always practical and having these sessions recorded in every available format is useful for everyone.

Moving Forward

Making the shift to premium technology should be a no brainer for most companies. The opinion of the IT staff should be respected though, and knowing that there are so many ways to keep a business up and running should make the choice of what to use for online communication very easy. Opting for web chats that feature audio, video, and collaborative elements is the best of all worlds, and lets everyone in the company continue to move forward for clients and coworkers alike. It should always be helping us, but when it isn’t, help should be easily accessible.

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