Is she interested in you? 7 things girls do to show you they like you

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We can be complicated, there is no denial there, gentleman. We all have our unique ways of flirting, but girls especially can get confusing. Here are 7 things girls do when they like a guy that might help you better understand these complex beautiful creatures.

  1. She touches you

The first and most obvious sign a girl likes you and finds you attractive is touch. If a girl from Staffordshire dating likes you, she will try to touch you more than often. A tap on the shoulder, friendly teasing, frequent hugging. Girls will not hesitate to show you their affection by lavishing you with gentle touches, even playful ones. It is as simple as that.

  1. She laughs at your jokes and gives you attention

We are not talking about fake laughs here. We are talking about honest laughs, from the heart. If she likes you, any joke you say will probably be funny to her, even if no one else is laughing. Because hey, she finds you amazing and anything you do is amazing, even if no one else appreciates your sense of humor. Find a girl to date on Devon dating.

  1. She develops interests in your interests

This one is more important than you think. If she starts listening to same music as you are, liking movies you love and even watching sports and participating in activities you like, while there is a chance she might just find you interesting and inspiring, more often than not this is a clear sign she likes you. If a girl from Dorset dating starts liking the same stuff you like, she wants to get to know you better and understand your world.

  1. She compliments you

If a girl finds you attractive she will probably compliment you. Girls can be very direct and if they like your style, they will compliment that new jacket you bought. They will compliment your skills, success, interests, anything that they like about you.

  1. She hates when you are with other girls

It is no secret, girls can get crazy when in love. If you give attention to another woman, you will notice some resentment and jealousy in her eyes. She will try to win your attention, or simply back away, but in either case, that is her subconscious way to show you she like you. You can never be wrong with this.

  1. She notices you

This one is simple, boys. A girl from Bristol dating will look at you, pay attention to what you do or say and try to be present when you are around. She will be there where you are, and you might bump into her more that you would expect.

  1. Sharing details about herself

This is a girls way to present herself to you, in order to get closer to you and introduce herself in he best possible light. She will pick the details carefully and share them with you, and she might get really personal here. If a girl from Cambridgeshire dating likes sharing personal details with you, but tells only about the good things, she probably likes you.

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