Is Patrick Mahomes the Future for NFL Quarterbacks?

The NFL is facing a major shift in the quarterback position. Over the last few seasons, we have seen some incredible new talent emerge and play at the highest level. These players are here to challenge the old guard. While veteran players rely on their skills and experience, these young players are dominating the game with raw force and tenacity.

Players like Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield, and Lamar Jackson have done wonders for their respective teams, all of which made it to the playoffs thanks to these young all-stars. However, it is really the Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, that has all eyes on him right now. 

Patrick Mahomes has the League’s Attention

It has been just a few short years in the NFL and Mahomes has already established himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the league and smashed all expectations. The Chiefs clearly liked what they saw when they drafted him 10th overall in 2017. Not only does he fit perfectly into the Andy Reid offensive scheme, but he is a strong-willed leader that can inspire his teammates to play their best. 

Mahomes is the quintessential double-threat quarterback. He has amazing speed and can cut around defenders. Of course, it is his strong arm and quick decision making that allows him to really stand out. Everyone that works with Mahomes has spoken about his heightened awareness and spatial perception. He sees what’s going on at all times and is constantly looking for opportunities while not being afraid to take chances. 

Amazingly, at just 25 years old Mahomes is playing in his second Super Bowl championship against an all-time great, Tom Brady. While this will be no easy feat, popular American football betting odds analysts are leaning towards Mahomes and the Chiefs to be the victors in this matchup. Even with this challenge in front of him, the Chiefs have shown that they won’t collapse under pressure. When it comes to the quarterback position, the Mahomes style represents a new direction that is starkly different to the way the veterans play their game.

The NFL is Entering a New Era

When we look around the league at the variety of starting quarterbacks, it’s clear that a lot of the biggest names are on their way out. While the quarterback position is one that normally allows a player to compete for longer than other positions, it still has its limits. While running or swimming has been proven to add to your longevity, American football is exceptionally hard on the body. Many of the most recognizable names in the sport are quickly approaching retirement age. 

To start, Tom Brady is now 43 years old. At this age, injuries certainly never fully heal and you aren’t as fast and capable as you used to be. While it may be laughable to consider retiring when he has proven that he is still able to beat the best in the game, you have to wonder how many more years he will keep it up. 

Aaron Rodgers is now 37 years old and is also looking at his potential last few years in the league. Drew Brees is 41, and was just beat out by Brady and the Buccaneers in the playoffs. With only one year left on his contract, we may be looking at a potential retirement announcement soon. Ben Roethlisberger is 38, and Alex Smith is 36. In the same age range, Philip Rivers is 39 and just announced his retirement after what was a very successful season with the Colts. While most of these athletes made it to the playoffs again this year, we’re clearly seeing some new players start to really gain momentum. 

Mahomes is Setting a Standard in the NFL 

The Mahomes style of quarterback is clearly setting a trend in the NFL that the younger class is following. It’s more than just being a “mobile quarterback.” It’s about excelling in all aspects of the game and not staying too relaxed or stationary in the pocket. Mahomes can hang back when he needs to, pressure the defense with the run, and when it comes down to it, force a play to happen when other quarterbacks are throwing the ball away. 

When you look at other quarterbacks like Josh Allen, or Lamar Jackson, we can see shades of this. Offensive coordinators are pushing for more of this style and teams are looking for players that can fit this role. It’s not because it’s dynamic or exciting, it’s because it is effective and keeps the defense guessing. Expect to see more players adopt this style in the coming years.


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