Is It Your Turn To Be Discovered? Enter the ’24 Blonde” Model Search

model contest

Dreams can come true!

Are you a gorgeous blonde and want to be a model? Then enter the” 24 Blonde” Model Search contest.

An American business tycoon commissioned the famous photographer Ash Gupta to create the upcoming book “24 Blondes.” Completion of this gorgeous book is expected to be in early spring. Only 23 Blondes have been photographed so far, leaving a vacancy for one more blonde to be part of this book!

The “24 Blonde” team has announced a national contest to locate the 24th Blonde,” eligible to women 18 yrs. old and over. This is your chance to be discovered and be photographed by a highly renowned photographer.

The winner will receive an amazing prize package, be photographed for a billboard and the book.
This could open many doors for an exciting future.

You can enter online:

 Contest runs from: January 18-February 20, 2016.


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