Is It Worth Investing in Pool Tables?

Over the past two years, since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, many people have been restricted to go out and about and attending their usual social events. With restrictions shutting down many companies, a lot of entertainment venues have followed suit as well.

With this in mind, many people have learnt the lessons associated with being indoors, and not having much to do besides the 9 to 5 work from home option.

Many are used to going out and indulging in various activities to get their mind off work, for personal satisfaction and socializing with their friends and families. It can be anything from playing a sport such as a tennis, or badminton, or joining a hiking club and learning new skills.

But when things don’t work out as you want them to and the freedom to do any of these things is restricted, what can you do to still maintain this enthusiasm while being stuck indoors?

Our solution – investing in indoor sports.

One of the main ones that have become very popular, and takes a slot of skills and practice has to be playing billiards or pool. There are some surprising benefits to this type of activity, which we will be looking at below, to prove that when you invest in a pool table at home, you will not be wasting your money, now or anytime in the future.


4 Great Benefits of Playing Pool

Improving Your Life Skills

It is a common thing to lose some of our abilities as we get older, and according to many sources, such as this one both our cognitive skills as well as our brains, tend to age too. No matter how subtle these changes, depending on your age, there is a possibility of it happening to anyone. For instance, the ability to multitask can be affected. Similarly, your attention span changes too, and processing various kinds of information can be a result of ageing.

Did you know the game of pool can help you work on a few different aspects of your skills such as your hand-eye coordination, your ability with numbers and mathematics as well as things like physics and geometry?

This is because during a game you need to differentiate the right angles and their effect on the spin of the shot. Knowing at what angle to hit the ball with the cue stick can be tricky especially if it is furthest away from the hole.

Other life skills it can help with is to enhance a need for some healthy competition between players, as well as teach you teamwork. Other aspects it can assist with are your intuition and critical thinking.

Much like a good game of Poker, it is essential to know what the players’ next move will be before they play their turn, so you can strategically place the balls in competitive positions or knock them all into the holes before your opponent does.


Improves family Relationships and Bonding Time

With many moms and dads working full-time jobs to try and sustain the family, having something to do together after hours and on weekends can help strengthen the bond between parents and their children. A friendly game of pool can be much fun when snacks and drinks are involved. You can have a good laugh with your children when you have a pool table.

Plus, it can help teach them a game they can use as they grow older, and who knows, become professional pool players while they’re at it. Many of the famous pool players in the world, have made a career out of the game by winning various championships, as mentioned here: and rightly so. You can win many competitions and get a shot at lucrative prizes while having fun.


Winning Helps Your Confidence

Did you know winning any type of sport, can help boost your confidence levels? This is something this type of game can do too. Having the freedom to play the game as and when you want to, in your free time can improve your skills and help to make you a more confident player.

If you are worried you may not have the space for it, there are numerous options for you on a pool table store that can help you out and provide you with something that works. Making this a great investment for you and your family and friends.

As the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’, when you practice playing you can improve your skills and aim to win at every game. You can try your hand at signature strategies and be known for it at every social gathering.

Great for Physical Health

Sitting on your chair, day in and day out in front of your laptop or computer can wreak havoc to your back, shoulders and neck muscles. When you get up every couple of hours to take a walk or do a stretch, or even to play a quick game, you can help these muscles to stay supple, as opposed to becoming stiff.

It has been recommended to get up from your desk every 4 hours to take a break from your desk, and what better way to do this than to look forward to shooting some balls in some holes?


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