iPhone cables that don’t break!


JUICIES+ XS & XL premium USB Cables for iPhone & Android Live on Kickstarter

Juicies, a rapidly growing maker of mobile power accessories, is back at it again. Their Kickstarter launch of their 3rd (yes 3) crowdfunding campaign, the JUICIES+ XS & XL premium charging cables in XS (1 ft.) and XL (10 ft.) sizes is already doing extremely well.


The Juicies team has already completed two successful Kickstarters for their line of charging cables, in 2011 and 2013. The new JUICIES+ XS & XL premium cables are a response to popular demand by their previous backers, which has Juicies going for a very rare crowdfunding three­peat.


Chargers Worthy of Your Device


The JUICIES+ premium charging cables are made with durable anodized aluminum housings and tangle free woven mesh cords — not the cheap plastic that comes with most devices. “Basically these are super durable iPhone cables that don’t break!” says Laurens Laudowicz, Founder of Juicies.


Key features of the JUICIES+ cables:


  • Apple­certified MFi Lightning and Android Micro USB connectors.


  • Same look and feel as your top­of­the­line iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 device.


  • Much stronger, yet more flexible than standard cables.


  • Tangle free by design with the inner steel wire mesh shielding.


  • Simply looks and feels a thousand times better!


  • A superhydrophobic nano coating protects from liquids and dirt.


Crowdfunding Masters With a Compelling Story


The Juicies team has learned from experience what to do — and what not to do— in crowdfunding. Their first Kickstarter in 2011 was a roller­coaster ride marked by unexpected delays “Our team even received death threats from angry backers!” says Hannes Reichelt, Co­Founder of Juicies. But they quickly turned things around and proved a massive success with the launch of the JUICIES+ premium cables. The new Kickstarter campaign for their JUICIES+ XS & XL premium charging cables promises to improve on their past success. “It’s a direct response to what our backers demanded!” says Laurens, “longer and shorter cables that don’t suck. For iPhone and Android!”.


The Kickstarter project runs until May 14th 2015. So there’s limited time left to support this project and be amongst the first Early Birds & Night Owls to get your hands on one of the premium cables. Rewards start at $15 for one JUICIES+ XS cable. The XL cables start at $25 each. Tips, manage your photos on iPhone with iPhone Photo Manager Free via USB cable.

Get 20% OFF with code: “YT-15-five20rr” when you order a JUICIES + cable from the store:  http://juicies.com


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