Introducing a New Organic, Aloe Vera Based Female Personal Lubrication- with NSF Certified Organic Ingredients by Wet® Brands

Many times, throughout a woman’s life there will be that need for personal lubrication due to hormonal changes, birth control pills, pregnancy and menopause.  We all know that lubrication means a healthy sex life. But what we place on our body is also important for our health.

The new Wet Essential 95® Organic, Aloe Vera based personal lubrication is a top choice for many women.  Trigg Laboratories manufactures Wet Essential 95® and they are the country’s top producers of personal lubrication for 30 years. Trigg labs were determined to produce the best organic personal lubrication for women of all ages.

 Wet Essential 95 ®is a 95% organic aloe vera based lube. It is a non-sticky, soothing formula that is Ph balanced, glycerin free, paraben free and gluten- free.   Wet ®are revolutionizing sexual health without the use of toxins and harmful substances found in most personal lubricants and feminine hygiene products.


The Wet Essential 95® uses 100% all natural ingredients compounded with high-grade extracts that moisturize, protect and rejuvenate your intimate areas. It leaves your skin feeling soft and never sticky with no residue.   Most vital, it is free from chemicals, fragrances, harsh additives, hormones and estrogen!

“Thank you Wet Essential 95®, not only is the best personal lubrication I have used but what is most exciting is that it is organic!” Sophia L. Miami, FL.

Wet Essential 95® offers:


  • This soothing lube will help supplement for one’s personal dryness. This gentle lube is lightly flavored with French Vanilla extract to make the enjoyment that much more enjoyable.


  • Dermatologist Tested Doctor Recommended: Wet Essential 95® is made with 95% NSF certified organic ingredients. Protects against discomfort during sexual activity closely mimic feminine lactic acid levels.


  • Naturally improving your love life with this dermatologist recommended formula providing long lasting glide without irritating chemicals or sticky tacky cleanup.
  • The Essential 95® lube is not only easy to clean up but washes right off.


  • Condom & Toy Compatible: This Lubricant is great for Men or Women and works with All Forms of Condoms & Adult Toys.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Manufactured by Trigg Laboratories, formulated in a cGMP compliant laboratory. Manufacturer trusted for over 30 years. Protects against discomfort, closely mimics feminine lactic acid levels.


What makes Wet® Brands of personal lubrications stand out?


Quality you can feel. Since 1989, Wet® Lubricants pioneered its path as a leader in manufacturing premium sexual wellness and consumer health care products formulated from only the finest ingredients. All Wet ®products are created to meet the highest industry standards.


You can find Wet Essential 95 ® luxury personal lubricants at your local retailers and online at



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