Interview with visual artist Chad Raymo

visual artist, Chad Raymo

I’m excited to share this interview with visual artist Chad Raymo. He’s an acrylic artist that blurs the lines of realism to abstract. He will be one of the featured artists on March 22 during RAW Edmonton presents ENVISION in Canada: Read more about his art work in the interview.

Tell us about yourself and what you do
I was born in Edmonton and work as a Freelance Artist. I’ve been doing murals since I was 12 years old. I would label myself as an urban contemporary artist that works mostly with acrylic on canvas. When I was a youth, I was engulfed in graffiti. It kind of stuck around in adulthood.

You describe your work as “Gritty Street Art Flows on Canvas”. How did this labelling come about?
Graffiti has been the biggest influence on my work, the freedom in it’s lines are enpowering. I definitely think that life can be muddled. That’s why there is usually some kind of mess on my canvas. Then, my job is to try to find beauty in it.

Chad Raymo, visual artist

If you had to give advice to any artists just starting out what would it be?
My advice to people is to be patient. Paintings at the beginning usually look like an infant finger painting. You have to follow it through and work it out, it’s in there somewhere.

You will be participating in the upcoming RAW Edmonton ENVISION showcase on March 22nd. What do you have planned?
I will be attending Envision on March 22…and will be bringing 2 paintings and hanging them on S hooks.

Artist profile:

Chad Raymo, visual artist

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