Interview with Thomas Rutherford

Thomas Rutherford was awarded his Bachelor’s Degree in Exceptional Student Education in 2005 from St. Petersburg College, Tarpon Spring, Florida.  This extended education combined with his lifelong passion for exercise gave Rutherford the ability to teach to different people’s intelligences.  The lesson is only as good as the student’s ability to learn.   At 25 years old Tom rededicated himself to the sport of bodybuilding, competing at his first show The Ronnie Coleman Classic in 2007 after being invited to by the promoter while visiting Dallas.  While living in Miami, Florida Tom joined Deco Modeling Agency and went on over 25 calls for commercial and print work.  He was featured in commercials for and was featured with a speaking part on a nationally aired commercial for CB1 Weight Gainer and is currently filming for their new commercial currently.

Import_005In his competition quest, Tom, stepping on stage and winning the overall championship at the 2008 Heart of Texas gave Tom the motivation he needed to continue on with is success.  2009 led Tom to a string of two national qualifying class wins and a eighth and third place finishes at Jr. Nationals and Jr. USA’s respectively. After that last overall win Tom opened up his own personal training facility called Ellipsis Fitness in Garland.  Training small groups or people during the day and having one on one sessions at night.  Owning about 18 Freemotion and Icarian machines as well as dumbbells from 5-200lbs Ellipsis Fitness Centers had a small by loyal client list that was getting superior results at an affordable price.

At this point, Tom has been modeling and prepping models for photo shoots for over 10 years now.  If In North Texas his model clients can meet person to person or through phone consults.  Photo sessions and/or video packages of training sessions or local shows, “Life-Style Modification Weekends”,  and offers a Video Library For Clients with over 120 videos. Recently Tom has created Truth Contest Prep with over 11K likes and a very positive fan group. He  has a group of about 20 competitors from all classes male and female currently.  His site is getting people excited worldwide about competing or modeling; Tom has even gained clients in the UK and Australia he works with through Skype and higher level communication.  This team focus is why his client list is grown by three a week in the doldrums of the fitness industry November-December.  This year’s New Year’s rush will allow Tom to focus on this competition planning career full time; amazingly with his wife’s blessing 🙂

Searching for a way to give himself and his family relief from swelling and joint mobility issues, Tom created, patented, and trademarked Velvet-Flex.  His patented creation being sold at has deer antler velvet, five science backed natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, and Arginine to circulate the product through the body while increasing blood flow and mobility.  Sales for his training, capsules, and prepared meals are multiplying weekly as Tom does tradeshows bi monthly.

In accordance with Tom’s quest to find more knowledge and to help others led him to create his latest company, After 15 years of clients saying, “I know how and what to eat but I just don’t do it” the company was created. With Truth Contest Prep’s Platinum service clients would have compete pre show week meals prepared for them, as well as workouts–why not share this with people competition minded or not.  F.4.U.M.  meals are nutritionally personalized and planned weekly chef-prepared delivery service.  With Tom’s Nutritional Certifications and his partners 12 years culinary experience this company has the ability to help the most people due to the time invested by Tom’s company to help with the most important thing in lifestyle change; eating.

Who has inspired you in your life and why?

I had older step brothers that would dare me to do pushups as a kid as well as my Mom’s 5.5 lb plastic cement filled gold colored dumbbells to inspire me to build. My Dad after confronted with pictures of all of the bodybuilding pros in the early 1990’s went ahead and got me my first 100lb skinny bar weight set from Academy. My parents both supported me building my body with positive comments, instilling healthy eating habits, and supporting me at my shows. My Son James is a big part of my “why”. I named him after my Dad James that was just a great man, a veteran, created home health care with my mother, after spending years modeling, plays, and commercials in Miami in the 1960’s.  My son who I named after my old man has a lot to live up to in order to  fill the shoes of the man he is named after.  I strive every day to be as good of a man as my father was to me so my son James will in turn love me enough to name his son after me.  See that’s how it goes, I’m the II named after my grandpa, and my son is II named after his it kinda skips Jr. With the goal being you represent your father well enough to your kid that they will be the best one of us yet.

What is your greatest achievement so far?

Getting people excited about life again by helping to change their physical person is my greatest achievement. Adding years to people lives, healing people live without pain, and preventing injury and disease through nutritional planning and exercise. Having someone say to me, “I’m under 200lbs for the first time in 20 years through your help” ha to be one of the best all around life experiences for me. Teaching 10 people to teach 10 people to be healthy is my goal. I was featured with a speaking part on a nationally aired commercial for CB1 Weight Gainer and am filming their new commercial currently.

Do you have any tips for our readers that are trying to break in the industry?

Leave your modesty at the door and remember what your mama told you about  because it is usually right.


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