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My mission is to help other cell phone repair shop owners grow their business just like I was able to grow mine during some of the hardest times (Covid).

Ultimate Wireless Solutions is a highly successful phone service shop based out of Irvine and Tustin. The phone repair shop is recommended by experts and in the top 3 best cell phone repair shops in Irvine. After 9 years of owning a successful business the founder discovered his talent for marketing and now his passion is to grow other phone repair businesses nationwide. He’s offering his digital marketing services here: Read more about his story and find some insider tips to get your company to the next level!

How did you come up with the idea for your service?
I started fixing phones back when I was in high school. Back then I used to buy an cell phones and most the times the phones I would buy needed something fixed, so every time I was losing some money having to get the device fixed before selling it. In order to maximize my profit I asked the guy who used to fix my phones for a job. He had a kiosk in a busy mall close to where I lived. Back then there was not many cell phone repair shops he was one of the shops around. After working for him for about a year and seeing how much money he was making I soon discovered what I want to do with my life. I no longer cared to buy and cell phones I wanted to open a cell phone repair shop. Few months later I was walking in another mall when I realized there’s no cell phone repair kiosk there. Right away I decided to contact the mall management and ask them to rent a kiosk and the rest is history. This was back in 2012.

Now after 9 years later I have discovered a new passion and my new passion is marketing. I started doing my own marketing around the time when Covid hit. I was trying to save some money by cutting cost and marketing was always something I wanted to try myself. Ever since I started doing my own marketing my business has tripled in revenue! I put in a lot of hours trying to learn googles algorithms and learn what it takes to get ranked on the first page of google. After getting my business on the first page for over 800 keywords I started doing my mothers business marketing as well and within few weeks I was able to get her ranked as well and grow her revenue. That’s when I realized I have a talent in marketing, SEO, and Advertisement. After talking to a family member of mine I decided that I want to start offering digital marketing and seo marketing to other cell phone repair shops to help them grow their business as well and make more money! Now of course I won’t be working with any shops within 20 miles of my shop because that’s conflict of interest but since this field doesn’t require you to be near a persons business to help them out I figured my customer base is limitless.

What is your mission?
My mission is to help other cell phone repair shop owners grow their business just like I was able to grow mine during some of the hardest times (Covid). If I’ve been doing this business for 9 years and my biggest jump in sales growth was when I did my own marketing and advertising that tells me that I can help out a lot of other business ownership well.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?
My greatest achievement so far would defiantly be this past year. When I first started this business my business was growing every month until it hit its ceiling and wasn’t really growing much anymore. Then for few years I just stayed at the same level until I decided to take my business advertisement and marketing and seo into my hands and started putting in lots of hours into redoing my website, getting my google my business ranked as top 3 in my city, getting my website ranked on the first page of google for over 800 main keywords, building thousands of links to my website from other sources, getting multiple articles written about my business, and running successful Facebook, google, Instagram, yelp ads. Now there’s one more achievement that I am extremely proud of and that’s getting ranked on the top three best rated website. ranks 3 top business for every industry per each city, and I got my business ranked among the top 3 best cell phone repair shops in Irvine. I was extremely proud when I found out about the news.

What’s your best advice for other tech entrepreneurs who are starting a business or service?
My biggest advice to tech entrepreneurs is don’t worry much about your business location, as long as you do the right type of marketing and you have solid agency or team or even yourself (if you know how) doing your website, SEO, google my business, google ads, Facebook / Instagram ads, and much more then you won’t have to worry about foot traffic. See my business doesn’t get many foot traffic but my work phone is always active from open to close (i am open from 10am-10pm) the thing is if you go after a heavy foot traffic store you will end up spending lots of money on rent and you’re still not guaranteed to make it, but if instead of a huge rent you rent somewhere cheap you can invest that extra money into your marketing and advertisement and that will bring lots and lots of eyes to your business and you’re guaranteed to get actual business and sales from it. I think at the beginning google ads / cost per click ads are a must and if you spend the right amount of money on it from start you will start making sales.

Where can our readers find you online?
You can read more about us at




And you can always reach out to me at:

Phone # 949-705-7827
Biz # 949-300-8898

Our cell phone repair marketing website is currently under construction but for now I have created a page dedicated to our marketing and advertisement services, you can visit:


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