Interview with the Founder of JAANTE

  1. What is JAANTE?

A Multi-brand showroom boutique and Fashion Communication agency located in Switzerland and in Belgium representing, showcasing and selling Top emerging designers, Premium labels and Sustainable brands.


  1. What is your understanding of fashion?

The past years, trends start to show that more consumers are taking care of the environmental impact of fast consumption can have on earth, in our life and health. Therefore, more and more consumers are switching their habits and lifestyle, starting by not only caring about recycling, using eco-friendly transportation and fashion consciousness.


For the founder Julie Atenda, JAANTE represents brands that not only dress up people but also help in contributing to the slow fashion movement and sustainable fashion is very important.

Most of our brands use either sustainable fabrics and/or are sustainable in their production line and/or distribution, also have eco-friendly ethics.

Hoping that soon, most the brands and manufacturers within the fashion industry will take conscious of that and will be forced to change their ways and values. When this happens there will be a big positive environmental impact.

  1. Why does the world need your products?

JAANTE not only showcases top emerging designers – Who is next in the fashion industry – but mainly

Premium brands those are sustainable with high ethical values, eco-friendly respect of craftsmanship combining it with innovation caring a lot about fashion sustainability.

Our brands produce products (clothes and/or accessories), in environmentally and socio-economically sustainable manners. It is also about sustainable patterns of consumption. Most of our brands use sustainable fabrics which can be supplied at low order quantities, meaning that brands no longer must make very large orders to be able to achieve their sustainability goals.

Most of our brands are parts of some of those movements “Slow fashion – Who Made My Clothes – Fashion Conscious – Season-less


  1. What was your idea behind the creation of your brand/products?

Launched in 2014 as fashion platform dedicated to promoting and showcase emerging designers and independent designers giving importance to craftsmanship and slow fashion.

Nowadays, JAANTE is Belgian/Swiss multi-brand showroom boutique with fashion agents specialized on representing Top Emerging Designers, Premium Labels who are sustainable with eco-friendly values. JAANTE with fashion expertise in Marketing / Communication / Sales connects fashion brands with international buyers, boutiques, celebrities, and editorial placements.

Julie Atenda wanted to create a new concept that encompasses two markets: the brands/buyers (B2B) and the consumer (B2C).

For the designers and the brands, JAANTE represents a creative community of remarkable talent and for the consumers; it is a premium brand of sustainable.

The fashion industry is one of the biggest wasteful industry (as the oil industry). There are pesticides that are used on growing cotton, chemicals and dyes used to color clothing, tons of water now contaminated with these foreign bodies, energy that is used to power machines, and landfills that are filled with old clothing. You can never forget about the animals killed for their fur and hide.

At JAANTE, we care about our planet and we do not ignore these startling facts. And we do not want to represent brands that are more focused on getting as much product to the consumers as possible in the quickest amount of time.

  1. Why is your brand special?

Launched in Switzerland and now, located in Belgium, in the heart of Europe, great for fashion brands, fashion stylist, an editorial pull.

A fashion concept and b2b/b2c platform that acts like a multi-brand showroom-boutique showcasing Top emerging designers and Premium sustainable brands new to the Swiss and/or Belgian market.

JAANTE build brand awareness for the designers/brands, creating a unique and creative shopping experience for retailers and fashion-forward consumers.

  1. How do you choose the products that you offer in your showroom?

Mainly we need to understand the vision and mission of the brand and see if their values fit with our principles. It needs to be a non-massive brand, preference for either sustainable, eco-friendly combining their design, work with the innovation and/or craftsmanship artisanal.

Here a list of some of the brands that we are representing and actually have within our portfolio – TINY INK, VARANASI, VERAROAD, BRINKLEYWOOL, AT BEIRRUT, LOLA ANTOINE, TALABAYA, VICKEN DERDERIAN, MAREN DESIGNS, GRACIELA HUAM, ROYAL BEAST DESIGN, MONOKROME.


  1. How and where are your clothes produced: are they handmade, through machines, traditional techniques, and who makes them?

Most of the brands that we represent produced their products/clothing in Europe with sustainable and ethical process of production.

And we also, have brands producing outside Europe. Two of our knitwear brands produce outside Europe. Producing in Peru, the Dutch brand GRACIELA HUAM create with Alpaca wool and the other knitwear brand BRINKLEYWOOL who uses sheep wool from Lebanon. Both producing the brands producing their products handmade by the local artisans using the traditional techniques. In that way, they support their respective local community.


  1. In retrospect and for the future: what could be done better and where are your brands strengths?

Besides being Premium labels, the brands that JAANTE represents in the showroom-boutique are sustainable fashion brands. Part of their strengths resides on their brand authenticity through their positive impacts upon the fashion industry and environmental well being. The second, I would say by the ‘awareness’ of the brand as most of them have a high acceptation and perceptions from not only from the fashion consumers but also from the general public.


What can be done better is brand investing more in sustainability within the fashion industry, to gain more brand value. I am confident that as most of them are emerging talents, in few years each one of them will be able to invest enough in sustainability and innovation keeping ethical eco-friendly works of conducts.

  1. What do you love from your work?

To be able to represent sustainable products/brands and support customers as a brand promoter and brand ambassador.

As marketers and expert fashion consultants, every season is a new challenge and responsibility. Not only for our own goals as a showroom but also on the responsibility towards those new emerging brands to find the right POS and brand awareness in that fast-moving industry.






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