Interview with Steves Peeps

steves peeps

I had the honor to interview famous artist and fashion designer Steve Peeps read the interview to find out more!

Question: And now you’re getting big. Is it weird getting all the attention that you have been from the early 2000s fashion revival you have done? Because I feel like you blew up very quickly.

Well back in like 2010 I started doing 90s grunge fashion,overalls etc when everyone else was stuck in the 80s neon colors. At the time 90s fashion wasn’t something that was done yet. But then like a year ago fashion chains started catching up to 90s nostalgia & I had to do something different.
I had to do something that no one is doing and that is early 2000s nostalgia.

Question: How would you describe 2000s fashion?

Think like y2k pop, TRL, Mudd Jeans, And1 tee shirts things like that, while at the same time making it modern. Like if YSL & Chanel made love to the early 2000s pop. It is like Darkpop chic meets
like bubblegum.

Question: Not to put pressure on you but do you feel like you are some sort of Sex symbol?
You have alot of female fans.

It is kind of surreal because they’re so enamored with myself (I find it odd) it is that I’ve become this kind of figure of intellectual desire.

Question: Thank you for the time to talk with us =)

No problem.

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