Interview with singer, songwriter, and producer Sampahh

Music and film remain two of the most important tools for shaping any generation. The power of sound alone is incredible.

Francis Sampah Tell us about yourself and what you do
My name is Francis Sampah. I am originally from Ghana, West Africa, but currently reside in the U.S. I am a singer, songwriter, and producer.

What inspired you to pursue music?
I have always been a musical person right from infancy. I believe music and film are very powerful platforms that play a vital role in socializing and shaping any community. It is almost a natural responsibility for me I think to contribute my share of helping shape our lives to its destined venue. I am inspired by anything, so it’s extremely hard to pinpoint a specific thing. If “Life” could be a specific thing then I would say that is what inspires me to create art.

What has been your greatest career accomplishment so far?
So far, I would say meeting my team. I have been able to meet big names in the industry like Kevin Declue. Of course, radio plays, interviews such as this, and the positive feedback I get from new fans excites me.

What is your vision?
Music and film remain two of the most important tools for shaping any generation. The power of sound alone is incredible. The right ingredients of melody, insightful lyrics, harmony, and a beautiful instrumental foundation has the ability to heal, console, excite, inform, and most importantly, encourage. If music was the world, a genre of music would be the countries of it. I like to think of myself as a global citizen, and don’t want to limit myself to one genre. I seek to be the pioneer of world music, where whatever feeling is expressed is released in a type of genre that fits it. That way, I have a platform of mixing genres of music to produce essentially what a human being is, “oneness.” Ultimately, I want to be recognized by just my voice and lyrics, not my genre. My brand of music would essentially be everything that sounds beautiful and spiritual.

Tell us about “That Guy”
“That Guy”, is the first single of my upcoming EP “Centre World” which is being released this month. The EP is a collection of work that best describes my sound. Each song represents at least one genre of music, or a mixture of a couple. “That Guy” is supposed to be a mixture of an 80s feel with a modern twist. The music video was shot by TrueSoul Films at Empire Studios in Minneapolis, MN.

Keep an eye on Sampahh, as he plans to release a lot more music by the end of the month.

Contact Sampahh:
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“That Guy” Music Video

Francis Sampah

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