Interview with singer and songwriter Emilia Hart

Emilia Hart is a singer songwriter from London. With artistic influences from family who introduced her to music as a child, Emilia’s passion for songwriting continued, and she now draws inspiration from previous experiences. Emilia has worked with independent producers such as Vole Terre who created her debut single “Stronger”. The Debut Single “Stronger is available on all platforms!” Stream now on Spotify

Tell us about yourself and what you do 
I’m currently working my 9-5 job, before I was in hospitality which is pretty popular with aspiring musicians. I do it so I can go home and work on my music or write when I get home. Family is incredibly important to me, I have a close nit huge family (6 siblings!). I like to go to the gym but im also a big foody and I love to travel- I think it’s the aspect of “Freedom” for me.

Who has inspired you in your life and why?
Inspiration for me has come in many forms and people from all walks of life, not just musicians. Tony Robbins, Demi Lovato- to me she seems so real. Struggled with real life issues like sobriety and family issues. I relate to her because of the family side of things and the drug abuse even though I’ve never struggled personally with-it people very close to me have. Ronda Rousey, Connor McGregor, Rhonda Byrnes Law of attraction film had a big effect of me. It changed the way I see things. I’m mainly influenced by people who have made names for themselves/strong people who have experienced real world problems and made better futures for themselves by being positive, hard workers. Rapper Logic, and Singer Songwriter Lauv- I really like all of their styles.

My mum’s a big influence, she’s been through more than most people will ever go through and has come out the other side. She was a single mum when I was 3 but met my stepdad Nick. Unfortunately, he died when I was 9 and life kind of took a turn but we got through it. When I started song writing with my uncles I would go home and write songs about the situation of losing my Nick. They were usually sad songs but they weren’t all like that. My music now is more positive and always about something I or someone close to me has been through.
My two uncles probably influenced me more than anyone, they taught me that writing was a way to express yourself, the problems and the positives you see and I fell in love with it. Even when I was really young, I would notice the lyrics in a song more so than the rhythm and try and understand what it was about.

What is your greatest achievement so far?
My greatest achievement is releasing my first single “stronger”. It was a long time coming and so happy I got to work with some amazing people with it. Secondly was funding myself to go travelling a few years ago. I worked non-stopped and thought it would bring inspiration as well to experience new cultures etc.

Do you have any tips for our readers that are trying to break in the industry?
My only advice for people trying to break into the scene is don’t try and work it all out at once because it won’t happen like that most of time. Be patient, work hard and be yourself. There’s not another you.

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