Interview with rising star Brandy Sutherland, actress in the serie Third Son

Today I’m speaking with Brandy Sutherland an actress based out of Virginia, one of the stars in the upcoming web series Third Son: The Black Files which was just released. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I have to say, after seeing that car chase scene online, I love how the women are right in the thick of the action and portraying strong roles in my opinion. Rise of the Third Son the book series has a whole cast of amazing characters to draw from and one of them is Christina Dunbar, whose role is played by Brandy Sutherland.

How do you feel about portraying the character of Christina Dunbar, do you find that you identify with her?
I love playing her. She is tough, and I can be as well, especially if it means defending my loved ones or my values. She is a lot tougher than I am, though! She doesn’t call herself the “Bull” for nothing!

Do you find many roles in independent film that portray women in a strong way?
Most of the roles I’ve played have had a strong presence in some way, even if it has been just a minor role. I think that every female is strong in her own right. In general, we are certainly seeing a surge in strong female characters. I noticed that Christina seems to be a very take charge kind of woman, do you like how the character is developing?

What types of challenges would you like to see her face?
Yes, she most certainly is! We’ve seen just a little about her, but from what Steve and I have discussed, her story line is complicated and interesting. She has many layers that we’ll see removed. I’d like her to have a big boss hand-to-hand fight! On the flip side, I’d like to see a more vulnerable, caring side as well.

This web series has a dark and mysterious vibe to it in my opinion. Would you agree and do you like these types of stories/ series?
Absolutely! Steve tends to lean towards sci-fi/fantasy with a dark twist as it was in Where Darkness Lives. Matter of fact, I started working with him because he asked me what kind of role I would like to play, to which I replied “someone like Angelina Jolie. Tough, maybe a bit of a dark side.” He instantly knew where to cast me, and has asked me to work in other projects. I’d certainly say that these type of stories are right up my alley.

I noticed that you were also in Where Darkness Lives which means you have worked with this group quite a bit. What has your experience been like?
We are like family! It’s such a lighthearted set, but we all still know when to get down to business too. I feel compelled to come back and work with them again and again. I even met my boyfriend, Daniel Klein while working with them!

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