Interview with Remarkably Renee unique jewelry design

Through inspiration of imagination, beauty and contrast come together, exploding into each unique jewelry design.

Before_Oscars_Dinner_Gala_2014Tell us about yourself and your jewelry
Remarkably Renee is a new line of unique jewelry design, that allows you show YOUR jewelry style. Offering a unique selection for men, women and children, each can easily be worn with most fashions, to either dress it up OR down. All work is designed and hand made by Renee Howard, at her home in Louisiana, since 2009.

In what way does your jewelry stand out from the pack?
Renee’s jewelry design is a form of modern Art Deco, with “Art Deco” being the true definition of eclecticism. It is created by drawing inspiration from a wide variety of sources and it has its own unique look, that is difficult to define. The range of characteristics makes it extremely versatile, and is easily able to integrate into a wide variety of personal styles.

What other plans and initiatives do you have/ what can we expect from you in the future?
I am currently working with a NYC Couture Fashion Designer, adding a new line to accent her beautiful gowns/dresses, being an accessory in her international catalog. I would welcome the opportunity of creating new jewelry lines for other fashion designers, and increasing my boutique presence. I have a new Bohemian line not yet released, because the new jewelry designs sold on their first showing. I am working toward Remarkably Renee becoming an internationally known name as a jewelry designer of “One of a Kind” jewelry.

Remarkably Renee has over 300 celebrities who now own THEIR unique jewelry design, with at least two of them having been worn on the Red Carpet, by Erica Dasher & Bai Ling and 17 pieces that made their way to THIS year’s Oscars Dinner Gala, in Beverly Hills, 2014.

Where can people buy your products?

My online store is :

My Twitter name is: 1uniquejewelry

& I can be found on other sites across the web, so just Google Remarkably Renee.



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