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andre cesar
Up and coming rap artist Andre Cesar has released his highly anticipated self entitled album “Andre Cesar”. His EP is an introduction of his music based on some of his life experience and struggles. 

Hip Hop Push Media recently sat down with Andre Cesar to get into the mind of this talented artist, and see what’s going on with his music and his future plans within the music industry.


AndreCesar2How long have you been rapping and what inspired you to become an artist?

I’ve been writing, producing, and rapping for 9 years. Music been my attraction most of my life from playing the drums at the age of 5, piano by ear and Dj’ing at the age 13. When I produced my first track for an old friend in 2006, I’ve been in pursuit of my career since then.




Who Are Your Favorite Artists and How Have They Impacted Your Life And Music?




Jay Z


All these rappers came from nothing like myself. Showing me as long as you put in the work and go for what you want ,nothing is impossible and that only I can shape my own destiny.


What Do You Think About The State Of Hip Hop Right Now?

Hip Hop still exist , you just have to dig for it these days because it isn’t favored much on main stream radio. It’s cool to have fun, but I feel there’s not enough content or balance I should say between the typical club song and real life music. Most rappers sound the same from the rapping style down to the production. We need more originality.


What Do You Think You Can Contribute To The Rap Game?

More content and originality. Putting out well thought and creative music that most people will enjoy and  be able to relate.


What Do You Think Separates You From Other Artists?

Being more business minded. Most artist focus only on there craft and end up getting the short end of the stick because they didn’t tend to the business aspect of the music. You have to be both a business man and a artist to succeed in the music industry.


Which artists And Producers  In The Game Would You Like To Work With?


Kanye West, J Cole and Fabolous.


Artist Typically Have A Short Career, What Measures Are You Taking To Have A Long And Successful One?

Knowing what my fans want and being able keep up with the evolution of the music genre but still remain true to my craft. Keeping open communication to the fans through my website and other social media platforms is the key to having a long career


What’s Your Plan As Far As Building A Fan Base And Maintaining Their Interest?

Promotions via social media which includes blogs, ect and independent radio stations,

can help me reach as many people as I can.


Are You Looking To Get Signed Or Go The Independent Route? And Why?

As of right now independent is the route I’m sticking too, because I like being my own boss and being able to navigate freely with my music without anyone’s permission. If a major approaches me and presents something that makes sense, then there can be a discussion on a deal, but till then I’ll remain independent.


What’s Your Recording Process Like?

It depends because I’m a perfectionist and everything has to be right, so if I have to do a lot of take just to get it right then I will , I’m not worried about time.


What Motivates Or Inspires You To Write Songs?

My life, family  and close friends. Seeing how they believe and support me motivates me to keep moving forward.


How Would You Consider Your Style Of Rap And How Is It Different From Other Artists?

I would consider my style more of a melodic rap style and blending crazy synths sounds you would here in a dub step track to the jazzy electric guitar that would add soul to the instrumental. Some tracks might even give you that edgy guitar stroke , blending different genres together.


What Are Your Goals As An Artist, What Would You Like To Achieve In This Music Industry?

My goals is to be up there next to legends as one of the greatest Hip Hop artist. Being able to reach a 10 years plus of good music and fans still wanting to here what you gotta say would be dope.


What Project Do You Currently Have Our Or Working On Releasing? Any Tour Or Performance Dates Set Up As Yet?

Currently myself entitled EP “Andre Cesar” is available on iTunes . Performances and touring are on the way, all info will be on my website and other social media platforms



What’s The Meaning Behind The Title Of Your Album?

I self entitled my EP because it’s an introduction of my music based on some of my life experience and struggles. Going with ” Andre Cesar” I saw it fit.



Andre Cesar is definitely an artist to look out for. Be sure to purchase and download his new EP which can be found here:


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Interview Conducted By: Hip Hop Push Media, Inc


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