Interview with Purchase With Purpose

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Making a difference with the choices you’re making…that’s a feeling all on its own. Saving not only lives but the future of the environment as well.

I had the privilege to interview Purchase with Purpose a blog with great articles and reviews about sustainable products. Products that are good for the consumers, environment and world.

Tell us about your blog
Purchase With Purpose is a blog which advocates all the lovely companies practicing Fair-Trade, ECO-Friendliness, Natural & Organic products & those who Give·Back to put a Purpose behind your purchase.

What is your mission?
Our mission is to connect the people who care to the companies that are consciously engaging in moral business practices that are beneficial to consumers, our environment, and the world.

In what way does your blog stand out?
We give conscious consumers the scoop on all of the “green” companies that practice Fair Trade, Eco Friendliness, and Natural products & services as well as giving back to their community and world with programs such as one for ones. We want to help put a purpose behind your purchase & simultaneously have you helping by supporting these companies! It’s a wonderful cycle.

Make sure you read our blog posts and article reviews and purchase with purpose!
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