Interview with Published Fashion And Beauty Photographer Vanessa Gurung

I had the privilege to interview Vanessa Gurung, she is a published beauty and fashion photographer from Perth, Australia. Her style of photography is truly amazing read the interview to find out more about her work.

011What inspired you to be a photographer?
The first time I saw an Annie Leibovitz photo I fell in love, I thought to myself “I want to make art like that, and wow people”. Leibovitz inspired me to create interesting photography that wasn’t just a photo, but a piece of art, something magical.

Are you self-taught or did you study photography?
I started University doing graphic design and took photography as an elective, little did I know I would find I would love photography so much! I previously never really had any experience in photography, what made me take the elective was my love of Photoshop and retouching. I taught myself to retouch through many ours scouring the internet for tutorials on how to make flawless skin and photo manipulations, little did I know it would be something I would enjoy so much and could make a career out of.

What has been your most memorable photo shoot?
My most memorable photo shoot would be an Adam and Eve shoot with my boyfriend and housemate as models for a project. We got up at about 5am to drive 40 minutes to Serpentine Falls, walked 3 kilometers into the bush to find something that resembled a forest in the freezing cold. My wonderful models were in nothing but underwear in a freezing cold stream while I was rugged up standing on a rock. It wasn’t the most pleasant of shoots, but the photos came out amazing, and would do it again!

Do you have any tips for our readers that are trying to break in the industry?
My advice would be to search for people in your area who you would like to collaborate with via Facebook or industry forums. Model Mayhem is a great place to start, I found a great community willing to collaborate and have built great relationships with people found through there. Submitting to online magazines is also a great way to get your work published and out there, with magazines like Freque Magazine (Alternative fashion and beauty), Australian Model Magazine (Beauty and fashion) and Pink Bow City Magazine (Pinup, retro) and many more magazines taking submissions, you can get your work out there.

Where can readers find you online?
My photography site is
My facebook page is

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