Interview with producer and singer Korveil

producer, korveil

“As a singer I want my records to be vocal driven and not overshadowed by the beat.”

I had the privilege to interview producer and singer Korveil, his music is a blend of pop vocals with current EDM sounds. Read the interview to find out more.

What do you like most about your profession?
I love the process of taking a thought from my head and transferring it into a beat with lyrics. That in itself is an amazing experience.

korveil, producer

Who is your favorite artist?
Pharrell Williams is my favorite artist. I like everything he creates.

What song of yours are you most proud of?
I’m really proud of “Feeling Alive.” I’m getting feedback from people in different parts of the world saying this song helps them start their day.

What is the formula for success in the music industry?
I believe to be successful in anything you have to give off good energy and have a great attitude towards people. In addition to, staying up later and waking up earlier than everyone else.

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