Interview with photographer Andres Saez

Andres Saez is a talented photographer, he is experienced in different photographic fields such as portraiture, architectural, editorial, traveling and outdoor photography.  Andres will showcase his work during RAW Artists Calgary PREMIERE on Jan 17th, 2020. You can buy tickets here:

Your photographs are uniquely composed, what is your secret to getting the perfect shot?
Glad you see it that way! I always make sure my photos are pleasing to observe, and over time I learnt to compose in such a way that the viewer can feel what I felt at the moment of the capture. Lines and colours are my main tools and I always try to emphasize on what really matters, and this gives my photos a minimalistic look.

You shoot portraiture, architectural, editorial, traveling and outdoor photography, if you could only choose one field to shoot for the rest of your career which one would it be? Why?
This is something I have always struggled thinking about, but I think it all depends in which medium my photos are seen. My pictures are all about storytelling and aesthetic, so if I were to decide I would choose editorial photography. The main reason behind it is flexibility, being able to show not only an eye catching image but also a good story are two elements that make me thrive when I see the results.

How has being a coffee lover helped you move forward as a photographer?
Coffee connects people, and working as a barista has allowed me to meet people who have contribute to my growth as a photographer. Sharing a cup of coffee with people from different parts the world has taught me to pay attention and to tell stories.

What do you have planned for the RAW Artists Calgary showcase on Friday January 17th?
I want visitors to imagine my photos on the walls of their houses, so I have been thinking a lot of decorating my booth like the corner of a living room. Still working on it.

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