Interview with Patrick Hill founder of Elegant Rae

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Be as elegant and inspiring as you should be. The Elegant Rae collection.

What inspired you to start your own shoe brand?
Myself. I am joking with you. My friends inspired me based on their stories and their feedback. What end up happening throughout those discussions was the fact that I was able to find key notes within those conversations to open the door towards starting my own brand. I happen to be sitting on the idea towards a business I wanted to start.

What is the brand’s philosophy?
Elegant Rae is about elegance and inspiration. The slogan “Be as elegant and inspired” is pretty much saying be the meaning of elegant and inspire others. The philosophy is embrace your elegance and uplift others.

shoe designer

What has been your greatest achievement so far?
Right now, I can say earning my associate degree, and marketing certificate. Not far from earning my bachelor degree in business but I haven’t gotten to my greatest achievement yet. I am working to do great things but over time I can answer the question easily when I finally reach that moment.

Where can our readers find you online?
They can find me at twitter and instagram @pathill17. They can find my products on Hopefully by the summer, I’ll have the website available.

shoe designer


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