Interview with painter and illustrator Jordi Machi

You have to work every day, be very convinced of your goal and fight for your dreams.

Jordi Machi is a Spanish painter and illustrator who in recent years and after some successful exhibitions has been well publicized internationally. Although this artist has worked in the film industry his true passion is art and some  of his works are based on children´s cartoons which for his perversity wouldn´t obtain approval from their creators.

part3_jordi_machi_mark_ryden_2014Who has inspired you in your life and why?
Everything I’ve lived in my childhood was a clear inspiration for me. When we are kids we use illusions to build our own imaginary worlds, I try not to lose this illusion that made me to abstract for hours and remember those feelings that made me happy when I was child. Painting and illustration makes me feel this. Now as an adult,of course, I have many other priorities and desires that the simplicity of the cartoons can´t cover, so I adapt them to new more mature situations and more self-satisfying. About artists who have inspired me I could be speaking hours, but perhaps one who always fascinated me was the American illustrator Norman Rockwell.

What is your greatest achievement so far?
My greatest achievement is living every day of the thing that I really love and enjoy of that. Living of Art. Perhaps a turning point in my career was my first exhibition in Beirut that was very successful and that I made many customers and the press began to take an interest in my work.

Do you have any advice for our readers who are trying to break into the industry?

I believe that success in art is a combination of many factors, definitely you have to have a minimum of talent, but this is the smallest part of the formula. The luck factor for me is also a small part, as luck comes to seize opportunities, you have to travel without fear and with an open mind, meet new people and always treat everyone with respect and humility. In my case, and surprisingly, partying has offered me great opportunities. But undoubtedly the key factor is the work, you have to work every day, be very convinced of your goal and fight for your dreams.


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