Interview with OLE MASON JAR

OLE MASON JAR is a men’s clothing and lifestyle brand founded in North Carolina. We make clothes that are tailored for a great fit, using excellent craftsmanship and only the highest quality fabrics. We don’t stop there though, because it is about more than just making a great product, but where and how it is made too. With an emphasis on revitalizing the American textile industry, everything we make is handmade by second and third generation seamstresses in some of the last remaining factories at the heart of this great country.

oleOle Mason Jar, where did the name originate?
We wanted a name that represented our southern heritage and the brand we aspired to be.  Being from North Carolina, the mason jar is an iconic item that brings back great memories of a time that once was.  In fact, to this day our grandparents still preserve their own garden grown vegetables in mason jars.  The mason jar is simplistic yet symbolic, loved by many and recognizable by all.  The mason jar transcends trends, is never overstated and perfectly represents our vision and style.

What and/or Who inspires your designs?
We draw inspiration from a lot of things, some being other designers like a Billy Reid, and some being actual places or things.  Loving to travel, we are always on the watch for fashion and style in different cultures.  Here in the US, we are always looking for things that look cool and vintage that can also influence us (say an old suitcase or vintage item from the 1960’s).  Things that are simple yet tell a great story is what we are all about.

What was your motivation for creating Ole Mason Jar?
Since rooming together in college, we always knew that the skillsets we each brought to the table would work really well together in creating a successful company.  Fashion was really a natural extension for what we would ultimately choose to pursue, being that we both have such a passion for it. Ultimately, we saw a glaring need for a company like OLE MASON JAR in the market place, as most other brands had some pretty glaring gaps in their products or designs.  Either the fit was off, the designs were bland or the materials used were less than great, or a combination of all of that.  As young professionals in the workforce, we felt like we deserved a product that had a great fit, design and quality, and thus OLE MASON JAR was born.  At the end of the day we want to create the absolute best button down shirt in the menswear market.


What is your description of the man that wears your button downs?
Anyone that aspires to be a modern gentleman, from someone about to embark on their collegiate journey to the gentleman looking for the perfect shirt for his retirement party.  Anyone that wants, or likes, to look great and put together when they are out and about.

Can you explain your “Buy a Shirt…Feed a Family” program?
A big part of our brand identity is that we give back.  For every item we sell, we feed a family in need in an effort to truly make a difference in the world.  We have been blessed with the opportunity to start and proceed with something that is a passion of ours, and so we gladly give back.  Not only does this help make a difference for our partnerships, but it also helps to serve as a reminder as to the importance of what truly matters.  This helps to keep us grounded, and constantly gives us that extra motivation when things get tough!

Where can your audience purchase your Menswear and accessories?
Currently, we are online at and coming soon to local gentleman’s shops in and around North/South Carolina.

Where do you see the brand in 5 years?
We hope to be a staple brand in the menswear market, as well as in a large big box retail store (Nordstrom).  Additionally, we hope to continue adding more partnerships and continuing to expand in our giving.  Lastly, we hope to continue improving on and designing the best button down shirts in the menswear market.

What is your most popular item?
Our button down shirt is the staple of our brand, and our top seller.  We have a loyal customer base, most of which don’t just order one shirt but multiple shirts; in fact we have one customer who has every pattern that we have ever made!  With that said, we also have some other really unique products (our tshirts are a super soft ring spun cotton that is 100% made in NC out of cotton grown in NC, and our leather accessories are also made in NC)

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