Interview with Nick founder of Green Clothing Co.


All made in America and sustainable for the world.

Apparently a large percentage of clothing labels are not made in the US. Think about all the clothes you have with a made in China label. That’s why I’m super excited to introduce Green Clothing Co. based in Charlotte North Carolina. A sustainable fashion label that is made in the US free of harsh chemical dyes and made with organic materials. Soft, comfortable to wear and creative with cool designs that make you stand out. You can be rest assured that workers are getting a fair wages, something you might question when a product is made elsewhere.

One of my favorite items from the collection is this Free Hugs shirt filled with cactuses and flowers, it just puts a smile on my face so tropical and fun! Read more about Green Clothing Co. and how it came to fruition in the interview. 

What inspired you to start a green fashion label?
I was inspired by all the clothing companies that I wore, but I wasn’t happy with how many clothing companies don’t make their clothes here in the US. Also, I am always very hot and I wanted some cooler clothing that looks great too, instead of being stuck wearing only athletic style clothing to stay cool.

What is the brand’s philosophy?
We set out to create clothes with incredible designs that keep you cool and are as soft and comfortable as possible. All made in America and sustainable for the world.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?
My great achievement so far was selling a Christmas sweater to almost every state in the US and Canada this Christmas season. And making my first sale in Europe.

Where can our readers find you online?
Visit our website Follow us on and

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