Interview with music artists 3Dimensional

I’ve been a performer my whole life… and every time I step on that stage… no matter who I am, what I am… I will go out there and give it my all

3Dimensional consists of Coleton 21yrs old (C) & Logen 18 yrs old (L).  They are talented songwriters, musicians and dancers. Their debut single Netflicks & Chill has garnered 1.7 million YouTube views and continues to gain momentum across all of social media. Read the interview to find out more!

Tell us about your music – What do you like most about your profession?

(C) – Our music is a hybrid of Pop, hip-hop, edm & possibly more sounds in the future. We are heavily influenced with a wide variety of genres, which I feel plays a huge factor in the success for finding our true/distinct sound. At the end of the day a hit is a hit. It’s amazing, because no one really gets to see the hard work and creativity that goes behind each project we create. It all starts with a pen, paper… isolated from society in deep thought. Next thing you know, you release it and people from all around the world are listening and singing to it. It’s a beautiful moment! You just never want it to end! I’ve been a performer my whole life… and every time I step on that stage… no matter who I am, what I am… I will go out there and give it my all, I will always strive for greatness! My fans deserve it because without them I would be nothing! I owe them my all!

(L) – I love music. I always have. Just the thought of writing a song, then recording it, then having people play it all over the world is crazy. I want music to be something I can do for the rest of my life

What’s your favorite album from another artist?

(C) – Favorite album from another artist would half to be either Chris Brown F.A.M.E Album or Backstreet Boys Millennium Album.

(L) – For my favorite album.. that’s tough because there’s so many artists out there with incredible albums. I’d say it has to be a Chris Brown album and especially Justin Bieber’s newest album “Purpose”

What song of yours are you most proud of?

(C) I’m proud of all the songs my brother & I created. Without any of these songs we would not be the artists we are today. I expect a great things to happen with our debut album due to its versatility (which can bring in a bigger amount of fans) and variations of melodies/beats behind our projects. I am proud after such an early period of our careers as musicians, we have shown we have what it takes to make this a long lasting career. And with the chance of becoming a huge icon or role model to others… I hope to help brand and influence people to help make a difference in the world. One thing can change someone’s life forever! Make a difference! I’m excited to see what our future holds!

(L) The songs that I’m most proud of our the ones that actually tell a story that I’ve actually experienced for myself. The new song “Late Night Drive” is about leaving a girls house that I used to talk to… the girl, not the house haha. But on the way back home, I always just think about life as I’m driving with the music on, probably some frank ocean. Also this song was the first song I wrote after a Writers block that I was going through.

What is the formula for success in the music industry?

(C) The formula to success in the music industry is to find your sound. Ask yourself what makes you unique. Is it your looks, stage presence or catchy melodies that make you stand out. Never doubt yourself, believe in your craft. Keep your fans engaged, make them feel special and apart of you. Always give back and stay humble and kind. And the rest will work it’s self out.

(L) I have heard that music industry is 90% business 10% talent.. but what I say to myself is if that’s true, it better be a INCREDIBLE 10% because you can have the BEST marketing in the world, but at the end of the day, you can’t force someone to like a song. It’s still about the music.


YouTube / Vevo @3DimensionalVevo (Over 1.7 Million views)

Instagram @3Dimensionalmusic (14.7k)

Twitter @3dimensionalll (5k)

FaceBook @3dimensionalmusic (5k)


Spotify @3Dimensional Netflicks & Chill (102k Plays)

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