Interview with music artist Ralana

The nonstop travel, meeting different nations, cultures, music is the common language we all speak.             

  • Tell us about your new album?

The new album can be best described by the word madness because each track has its own distinct vibe. I can’t wait to share it with you all! It will be released before this coming summer 2019 with the title “Badass Vibes”. I’ve co-written, co-produced, and experimented on several of its songs with a number of other producers from around the world to introduce new music vibes and culture mixes. Collaborations include Peter Syden from Sweden, Joni Collier from Netherlands, Alexsandar Markovic from Serbia, Srejeeth from India, and Arty Skye from the USA to name a few. Expect 12 tracks to be released right out the bag.

  • If you could do a collaboration with any artist who would it be?

In the music industry, collaboration means money spent on your music. You can hire any artist if you’re willing to pay the bill. There are so many legends I’m a fan of that I would love to collaborate with, such as Dj Snake, Major lazer, Sean Paul, Axwell, Rihanna, JLO, Madonna and many more. My list of names can seem endless.

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

I’m chasing to be one of the biggest names in the game. Although it plays a role in music, it’s not only about your talent, it’s also about your network and your resources. Becoming successful is a bit complicated, MUSIC INDUSTRY, IS LIKE GAMBLING, WE ALL ARE PLAYING, SOME HIT THE JACKPOT J SOME STRUGGLE, as there are thousands of talented musicians all over the world looking for that one chance to get heard. Despite their talent, though, it’s only the few who get signed to labels. Nowadays the other option to get bingo is, to get own manager, team, and try to build that empire.       

Sometimes I only release music without any planned strategies or publishing campaigns. Music is my hobby, whatever music I cook, I share with the followers who love me, and I love in return. Sometimes, it just so happens that a song ends up going viral.

  • What do you love most about your music career?

The creation of each new track, the love and support my followers share with me. Posting something new on my social media account is a big pleasure after hard work and long recording hours. The nonstop travel, meeting different nations, cultures, music is the common language we all speak.

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