Interview with music artist April Diamond

April is a California girl who developed her powerful voice singing in church choirs. She studied music and voice in college where she gained recognition and prepared her for the journey in the music world. April quickly became one of Hollywood’s most sought after vocal coaches, guiding artists and actors for movies and tv shows The Voice, Glee and others. She was a guest star on David Longoria’s TV Special BAILA! on PBS Stations. Lose Control was her first hit single, which topped the Billboard Dance Charts and introduced her to an enthused audience who admired both her voice and songs that make you move.

She follows that up in 2021 with her exciting modern remake of the Kiki Dee classic “ I Got The Music In Me” featuring David Longoria on the trumpet and introducing the iconic ShowChoir Powerhouse under the direction of Mr. Brandon Jennings to the music charts. Read the interview to find out more. 

Tell us about yourself and what you do
I am April Diamond! I am a Billboard Charting Recording Artist!  I charted my first Hit “LOSE CONTROL” on the Billboard Dance Chart that went to #27!  It is still playing in the clubs to this day!  My latest single I GOT THE MUSIC IN ME is being played on radio stations all over the country and in the Top 10 of National Radio Charts!  I also host my own show on Social Media Called  “LIVE with April Diamond!”  Where I interview people who I think are amazing at what they do. I think there are a lot of amazing people who make the world a better place and I want the world to know about them!  I have a following that really enjoys my online chat!  I created the hashtag #MyFollowerFamily!

I found that I enjoy hosting and talking with my fans and followers and making new friends out there who have a story to tell!  I am also a Vocal Coach.  I have been training singers in the industry for a while now and my Voice Training System is becoming very popular!  I love to help other singers find their voice and encourage them to follow their dreams of singing in any capacity they want.  I just give them more tools to improve and how to be very confident!  I love everything I do and I am so grateful to be on the charts!  It’s been my dream!

Who has inspired you in your life and why?
I was inspired by the singers I listened to when I was a kid and the soloists in church who had those BIG Gospel Choir Voices!  Katy Perry, Sia, Tori Kelly, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Aretha and more!  I love music from back in the day too like the records my mom liked to play.  She had an amazing collection of pop, R&B and disco.  When I heard Donna Summer sing “LAST DANCE”. I was like “Who is that? I want that voice!

Also, I like to tell the story of my Grandmother who recently passed, and how she pushed me to take piano lessons and singing lessons.  She would push my parents daily and asked them, “Well, did you set up her lessons yet?”   Then once they finally did, she pushed me to sing in church even though I was scared and said no.  I She would not take NO for answer LOL… So after about a year, I finally gave in and decided to sing.  So the day came, and when I began to sing a solo in front of all those people in my church at 9yrs old, totally terrified … something happened to me.  I was not terrified anymore, I was energized and got a total high from it!  I found a love for singing that completely changed how I viewed my voice.  That’s where it really began for me.  After that defining moment I was dedicated to making my dreams of being a singer come true.

What is your greatest achievement so far?
Hearing my latest single on the RADIO!!  Wow what a rush!  When you work so hard with such an amazing tribe like I have around me at recording and production and recording the choir, and all the time it takes to create something we all love, then to hear that hard work and collaboration on the radio, there is NOTHING like it!  

I am soooo grateful to my record company, Del Oro Music, to David Longoria, Robert Eibach and the Powerhouse Choir!  They all brought their best to help me make this track amazing.

Do you have any tips for our readers that are trying to break in the industry?
Don’t give up, find your tribe, and remember, not every situation is right for you, be specific about what you see for yourself as an Artist.  Find the people and the place where you can make music you love and believe in.  Find mentors who you trust to direct you, the ones who can teach you things and have experience in the music business.  Go by their track record and do your research before you spend the time and money.  Then the biggest one… REINVENT.  It’s not finished until EVERY effort has been made to make it the best it can be.  Don’t worry about how long it takes, just keep moving forward and give it 1000%.  You will be glad you fixed every detail, trust me.  When you hear it on the radio, you will know you nailed it!

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