Interview with Livecube the world’s most engaging event app

We wanted to give event attendees an easy, fun way to interact with speakers, ideas and other attendees, and Livecube was born.

I had the privilege to interview Livecube an engaging and responsive gamefied live event app to get more out of events. The app has great benefits, it makes it easier for attendees to interact with the most interesting people and ideas and you will get maximum audience participation and engagement.

With this app attendees can see what other people are thinking, what opinions they have and questions as they listen to a speaker. The newest posts show up instantly and you can see the most popular ones on the top. It also stimulates attendees to engage with each other and make your event go viral with a game function where the most active participants win prizes. For example you can set up a prize drawing for the person with the most retweets.

When the event is over attendees have a great recap and the ability to give feedback and make connections. Instead of a one sided presentation where people eventually get bored, Livecube makes it easier to make an event more exciting. Your audience become more active and attentive during an event. Besides stimulating engagement you can see real time metrics and stats and you can create polls and surveys this makes it easier for you to improve your events and see what topics are most interesting for attendees.

With big clients like Delta Airlines, Canon USA and Inc Magazine they proof to be a huge success. Read the interview to find out more about this brilliant app!

How did you come up with the idea for your business?
The co-founders have been involved with live events on many levels for years, in addition to being thought leaders in gamification and design. When attending events, we strongly craved better ways of sharing ideas, especially with social media, and meeting new people. As much as we tried to use and follow hashtags, we found that approach to be pretty useless.

We knew there had to be a better way, and conceived a web app called Livecube. We wanted to give event attendees an easy, fun way to interact with speakers, ideas and other attendees, and Livecube was born.

What is your mission?
Livecube’s mission is to make events more fun and engaging. Rather than being a distraction for attendees, we want to help organizers help attendees get more out of the time they spend at events through enhancing their focus on ideas and helping them make better connections.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?
Powered Inc Magazine’s GrowCo event and achieved almost 30 million Twitter reach, and their hashtag trended on Twitter by being auto-populated in every post.

Name some of your biggest clients?
Verizon Wireless, Delta Air Lines, Juniper Networks, Bridgestone, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Canon USA, Allegiance on Broadway.

What’s your best advice for other tech entrepreneurs who are starting a business?
Solve a real problem in such a wonderful way that customers smile when they see it, and can’t help but chase you down. Make sure it’s something you enjoy. And learn to be great at all the different aspects of your business and don’t expect anything to magically get done for you.

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    This was such a great interview. I think it is so cool when people come up with these ideas that are hugely successful. I think all of us would love to create something in our lives that fills a need. This interview is very inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.


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