Interview with Lena Hunt Co. Essential Oils

Having been born in Vietnam, then growing up on a midwest farm and fourteen years in the health and wellness/sports medicine industry, I started applying natural remedies.

essentialoilsCan you tell us what’s special about your business?
Lena Hunt Co. Essential Oils are 100% natural but we don’t charge high costs because we blend in small batches. We don’t spend big bucks on huge marketing. Our oils are mainly spread by word-of-mouth referral because they work just as well as the top brands but at a much lower price. And absolutely nothing artificial goes into our products.

What motivated you to start an eco-friendly business?
I started Lena Hunt Co. EO because if we have a sick environment and home full of toxins then we, too, become sick. Nature has given us everything we need for food, cleaning, maintenance, healing and growth. Making sure that the ingredients that go into my 100% natural essential oils allows me to work with those who have the same goals. In many situations when dealing with people and business who are eco-friendly, the top concern is for our environment. So they’ll protect and care for the soils, use eco-friendly methods for growing, treating and harvesting, stand behind the use of their plants and will pass third party testing.

Since my children were little I noticed that traditional prescriptions and over the counter medicines weren’t working. One doctor visit after the other and trips to the ER to treat asthma, panic attacks, fibromyalgia and more just led to increasing massive debt and side effects that made us even sicker. It was crazy keeping up with the various pills, breathing treatments and then figuring out what to do about the side effects. So returning to my roots: having been born in Vietnam, then growing up on a midwest farm and fourteen years in the health and wellness/sports medicine industry, I started applying natural remedies.


Common sense methods such as removing stuffed animals and carpeting, eating natural whole foods, reducing the use of chemical-laden products were part of my detoxifying methods. Then remembering that my mom used eucalyptus oil and other centuries-old remedies, I did the same for my kids. Results came immediately. In less than a week there wasn’t a need for medications or breathing treatments. Breathing treatments were to place a drop of eucalyptus oil in a sink of hot water, bend over the sink with a towel over the head and to inhale the powerful healing aroma of the oil. The moisture of the hot water thinned out the phlegm. No side effects and big costs. For pain, I’d use peppermint oil rubbed on to the area of pain and natural healing became a family thing.

It also became a professional thing as I worked with my personal training clients at the YMCA and my own practice. In fact I studied medicine in college but wasn’t sold on the two things that were focused on: prescribing medications and performing surgery so I switched and majored in kinesiology/health and wellness.

What green issues are you most passionate about?
Our focus as a company, family, and passionate individuals is improving the health and wellness of our friends and neighbors and customers by properly educating them beyond just taking a pill or getting a procedure. We focus on the prevention and the day to day up keep and firmly believe that there are many effective ways to both treat and prevent a lot of the ailments and issues people have in a natural, safe and cost effective way. Our hope is that everyone will be able to take away good valuable information and facts that will help them improve their health by essential oils or just in general by understanding that medicines and healing doesn’t come from only chemicals made in labs but can also be found in nature.

What advice would you have for other aspiring social and green entrepreneurs?
Focus on giving your customer the best product you possibly can and focus on growing the relationship with the folks who support you. Too many companies put all of their money into marketing and painting a product up rather than making the product the best they can and rewarding the loyalest customers. If you are able to make a customer feel valued and you also deliver a wonderful product you will go so much further than just taking their money and that’s it.


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