Interview with Karine Sultan Jewelry

I love to go to the beach in Malibu with my family. But while some people see waves and palm trees, I see future designs for my jewelry.

I had the privilege to interview jewelry designer Karine Sultan. Her jewelry designs are unique and timeless pieces seen on famous celebrities such as Hale Berry, Rihanna, Jeniffer Lopez, Kate Beckinsale and many more. Read the interview to find out more about her amazing jewelry collection.

IMG_1624Tell us about yourself 
Well, what can I say… I have been designing jewelry for over 20 years now! Ever since I was a little girl, I knew that my life would be centered around the world of fashion. As a little girl, I dreamt of Vogue and runways! I was lucky enough to spend most of my life, including my prime years as a designer in the heart of Paris, France. I have to say though… I certainly miss Paris, but I have also fallen in love with Los Angeles.

Every aspect of my life has shaped the designer that I am today. I live and breathe fashion. When I am out of my studio, on evenings or weekends, the fashionista within me is always working in the background, on possible new designs for my line. For instance, on weekends I love to go to the beach in Malibu with my family. But while some people see waves and palm trees, I see future designs for my jewelry.

What is your brands philosophy?
Karine Sultan Jewelry was created with a clear and simple mission: Creating unique pieces to complement each woman’s natural beauty at affordable prices.” Being a woman myself, I know the feeling of desiring to treat yourself without necessarily hurting your bank account, and that is the possibility we want to give to our clients.

In what way does your designs stand out from the pack?
My designs are very different from all other jewelry lines. They do not follow any trend. Each and every one of my designs is timeless. Whether you wear it today or in 10 years from now, they will have the same dazzling effect.

What are your future goals?
I have to say, I am a little of an over achiever. Although we are still a fairly recent company, I am already working on an entirely new line, which I plan on launching this upcoming season. I am very excited about it, and can’t wait to release it!

What social media platforms do you use to create more brand awareness?
Our two biggest platforms are Facebook and Instagram. We have come to realize that they seem to be the preferred social platforms of most of our clients. With the launch of our new retail website, we have been focusing on our #KeepShining Media Campaign. We would love to see our customers use it to keep track of all of the beautiful pictures the post of themselves and their Karine Sultan beauties! As for the other social media platforms, over the past couple of weeks, we have actually been having a lot of fun creating boards on our Pinterest account.

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